Make money online with your mobile website

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I wish you a happy new year 2009!
This year’s first post is about the mobile version of your website/blog. As some of you might know already, has a mobile version which shows up when you access the site ( from a mobile device like your phone.
Gibni detects and recognizes automatically the device you’re using, and serves appropiate content for your screen and device or browser capabilities.
Gibni currently runs on WordPress 2.7, and the mobile version of the site is provided by Mobile Press.
Thanks to this wonderful plugin, Gibni is running very well on mobile devices, and from an admin point of view, there’s no conflict with caching plugins.Gibni Mobile Screenshot
Previously I used […]

WordPress 2.7 (still in beta!)

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WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available today. Gibni as well as a lot of other big blogs are based on WordPress.

Most of you should already have heard of WordPress, and for some of you who didn’t yet, go to to find out what it is!

Developers are currently testing and improving the latest version of WordPress, that is the 2.7.

It was supposed to be release the last month (in November) but some some reasons, nothing happened back in November! But fortunately, beta versions of 2.7 got out and today, Gibni is running on an Optimized version of WordPress 2.7 RC2. The optimization mainly consists of adding a new feature to the “big query” of wordpress, adding the ability to sort and output posts based on their […]

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MyBlogLog Widget is SLOW!

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I’ve been using MyBlogLog widget from Yahoo, from the beginning, and I was really happy with it at first. I used to find out who visited my site and if they’ve had a blog or website, it helped me to find and visit it easily.
Now that Gibni is expanding and I get more and more visitors per day, I am worried about the speed and loading times, so I am trying to make pages load faster and faster.
I’ve been using caching techniques, CSS sprites and other optimization techniques some developed by myself and some mostly inspired from AskApache ; and managed to get the best possible loading speed.
Today, I feel it’s going to be the last day for MyBlogLog widget on Gibni. And within the next 12 hours, […]

Global Translator, Optimized Version 0.2.2 released! (Updated)

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UPDATE: Translation bar not appearing in pages or sub directories; FIXED.

One of my goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter loading times.
So of you might already be familiar to my Optimized version of Global Translator which is initially made by, which provides translated version of your blog to visitors. Latest version till now is, which is a stable and improved version.

As I said it in my previous post on this topic, this plugin basically consumes a of bandwidth and keeps pages in a loading state for a long period of time, as it keeps many connections busy between the client and the server to download all independent flag pictures to the client’s computer. This slows […]

Google Pagerank Dropped! How to solve the issue?

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Gibni PagerankBack in mid-October 2008, Gibni’s page rank dropped suddenly from 2 to 0!  I was little bit confused about how this happened! Anyway, as a new web developer, I had a lot to learn still! I did a lot of research on the topic, and found out that the main problem are the ‘outgoing links’ on my pages! Even if these links were to websites I knew most of them, Google did not appreciate all of them. At start, I decided to forget about the PageRank stuff and keep working on my site. My Alexa ranking was continuously improving and I could sell ads as well as before. So there was no need to worry! Even my pageviews doubled […]

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Lutte contre la discrimination, l'Internet pour TOUT le monde!

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Mettons-nous à l’essentiel! Les personnes handicapées devraient avoir les mêmes droits que tout le monde. Et devraient être en mesure d’accéder à l’information disponible sur l’Internet facilement.
Donc nous, en tant que bloggers, les concepteurs de sites Web, les programmeurs Web, ne devrait pas discriminer les personnes handicapées. Et pour cela, nous devons créer des sites web accessibles et des pages Web accessibles. Il existe des normes qui ont été inventé et mis en œuvre, ainsi que des navigateurs Internet ont été créés pour que les personnes handicapées surfe sur Internet comme les autres. Mise en œuvre de ces normes dans vos objectifs de conception, permettra à votre site (ou blog) l’accessibilité.
La Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) vise à mettre fin à la discrimination que de nombreuses personnes handicapées font […]

Fight Against Discrimination, Make the internet for EVERY ONE!

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Let’s get straight to the point! Disabled people should have the same rights as everyone else. And should be able to access the information available on the internet easily.
So we as bloggers, web designers, web programmers, should not discriminate disabled people. And for this, we should create Accessible websites and webpages. There are standards which have been invented and implemented, as well as special internet browsers were created to let disabled people surf the internet as others do. Implementing these standards in your design objectives, will ensure your website’s (or blog) accessibility.
Accessibility Icon
The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) aims to end the discrimination that many disabled people face.
Currently, is a standard website which complies to almost all accessibility standards. That […]

3D Tag Cloud For WordPress

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I’ve recently installed a new Tag Cloud on, If you look well, you should already have noticed it.
It’s a 3D Sphere tag cloud! it’s based on a flash file but the real knowledge behind makes it completely search engine friendly.  This is basically a plugin called WP-CUMULUS made by Roy Tanck. The Plugin is hosted now on -> Plugin’s page.
I found this very exciting and as it does not interfere with search engine friendliness factors, I decided to add it to my new theme. I would recommend it as a good plugin as you can really customize it.
The theme that Roy has got on his blog is really well designed and is easy to navigate too! Good job Roy, Keep […]

Dropcap First Letter, Universal Version

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As you can see on, articles’ title have got a drop capped first letter.
I’m making this technique available to the public so that you can “Drop cap” any text you wish.
You can drop cap in WordPress or on any other platform where you can run PHP functions.
I’ll explain on how to Drop cap in WordPress without installing any plugin.
I’ll keep it simple; just open the “functions.php” file in your theme directory, and add this function to it:
function dropcap_first($content) {
$pos = strpos($content, ‘<a>’);
/* stripos is only available in new PHP versions we’ll  */
/* live with using the case sensitive version so it won’t match <A> */
/*     $pos = stripos($content, ‘<a>’); */
if (($pos !== 0) || ($pos === false)) {
echo ‘<p class=”dropcap-first”><a href=”‘.get_permalink().'” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to ‘.the_title_attribute(‘echo=0’).'”‘. $content […]

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Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

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I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs.
Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE! You have just to build good content and monetize your pages to the best, and the most important is to be patient and try until you get to it!
It took me a long time to get the first payout because I am very busy with my studies at the university and I don’t get enough time to work on […]

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