Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs. Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY […]

WordPress… To The Core!

Back from vacations, it’s been a long time since I’ve written my latest article. As some of you might know, I’m actually working on a new theme design for Gibni, which is supposed to be much more faster and Search Engine Optimized than the current theme (Prince Blog Theme I). Good to know that the […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 2

In the previous tutorial we talk about designing a wordpress template and some point to keep in mind while designing. We talked about a website being User-Friendly, Search Engine Optimized, Fast to load and Monetized. Let’s continue: Multi-Browser, Multi-Platform Compatibility: A well made website is a website that is showing well in different types of […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 1

I’ve started to redesign and remake Gibni’s theme. As Gibni’s main technology relies on WordPress, MySQL and PHP, so this post might be useful for many bloggers and for almost every theme designer. User Friendly: A lot of readers and visitors complain about Gibni being confusing and they say that they’re “lost”! I agree that […]

Blog/Website Review Exchange

  I’ve decided to propose free blog / Website reviews till 30 days starting from now. So if you want to get a kickstart for you blog and take a useful step towards success, do not hesitate! Just join the crowd!   Well, we’re gonna set some rules:  On your blog, you write a blog […]

QR Codes, The Begining.

Ever heard about QR Codes? You surely know about the Barcodes, which you see on almost every purchased product. Ever asked yourself about that barcode reader application on your new smartphone? Well, recently there’s been a new invention called QR Code. It’s a square with lots of black nad white points in it! yeah, kinda […]

Blog Review: The Mom with Brownies

An awesome blog! Few weeks ago, I found this interesting and entertaining blog, The Mom With Brownies. It’s got everything in it! There are so much information on the blog that you never wanna leave the page! I remember the last time I was on this blog, I stood for about 25 minutes reading, watching, […]

Amazon Associates is SLOW! – Website Speed Optimization case.

A while back, I tried to run Associates scripts and advertisements on Gibni. Everything looked nice and working. But the problem was that pages used to load very slow. After a lot of research and studies on how to accelerate the loading speed and make pages load faster, I developed a strategy to implement, […]

How to build a Website / Blog – A successful and perfect One – Part 1

Well, in these tutorials, I’ll explain how you can start your own blog/website, how to analyze it, how to optimize it, how to update it, how to market it, how to make profit out of it and how to make it a successful project! Either you are a student, a university professor, a beginner web […]