Quel opérateur téléphonique ne pas choisir?

La hausse de TVA chez votre opérateur vous a permis de résilier votre contrat mobile? Vous voulez prendre votre premier forfait téléphonique chez un opérateur? Votre abonnement viens d’être fini, et vous chercher à renouveler ou à changer d’opérateur? Sur beaucoup de sites on vous conseil quel opérateur téléphonique choisir, mais ici je vous dirais […]

Must have mobile applications – Part 3

Here’s  “Must have mobile applications” Part 3. Be sure to read the  Intro , the First Part and the Second Part. Y-Browser Here’s another Symbian file browser which lets you browse all the system folders and drives on your phone. It comes with plugins to let you access your inbox and message folders for easy […]

Must have mobile applications – Part 2

Here comes the second part of  “Must have mobile applications” articles. Be sure to read the  Intro , and the First Part. Interactive Voice Call Manager This application by Mobisophy provides you with tons of features and is one of the best and most reliable call manager applications available on the market. Use this application […]

Must have mobile applications – Part 1

Once you’re through the Intro, let’s see the first part on “Must have mobile applications”: SFR Vodafone Live (French users) Download and install the SFR Vodafone Live application, and run the application from your phone to get it updated with the lastest version. MobiTubia MobiTubia application is one of the best YouTube players available. You […]

Must have mobile applications – Intro

Tiered of searching for “useful” mobile applications when you buy a new phone or you just reset your current mobile phone? Searching for the best mediaplayer or photo browser application for your mobile phone? Do you want to access your sms inbox folder on the phone? Do you need a robust GPS application for your […]

Use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam

Yes! It’s very possible to have a wireless webcam if you have a mobile phone with a camera and a bluetooth connection. Having a bulky USB webcam with that annoying USB cable when you are on the go, with your laptop, is not always the best thing to happen to you. That’s when a wireless […]