Optimize your CS-Cart store

Faster websites get better SEO scores and get better indexes in search engines, a Google employee once said “Website should be fast”, your visitors will agree, trust me.
Faster and optimized eCommerce websites do sell more than 40% more than slower ones, just because they are faster. You “will” agree once you see the money come 😉 trust me.

APC caching for CS-Cart 3 and Smarty 2

Today I got and email from Godaddy saying that Godaddy.com is implementing APC cache from 1st October 2012. APC cache helps your pages load a lot faster, but it is not always easy to implement it into your software. Smarty, the template engine, implements the APC cache from its version 3, but the older versions […]

Set cookie domain for CS-Cart

If your are using CS-Cart eCommerce software, you might need to configure CS-Cart to set its cookies to a specific domain or subdomain. To do this, you need to modify a bit the “CORE” of CS-Cart. Edit the file : <CS-CART_ROOT>/core/fn.common.php Around lines 2035 to 2044, you will find the fn_set_cookie() function, Modify the last […]

GoDaddy Down

Well, there are lots of news about GoDaddy.com being down, now more than 4 hours, but the question is: How Godaddy.com will compensate the losses?!People hosting their websites on Godaddy.com servers, and its resellers, lost lots of money in this outage.“Over 50 local Myrtle Beach hotels that use GoDaddy services through Fuel Interactive could be […]