APC caching for CS-Cart 3 and Smarty 2

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Today I got and email from Godaddy saying that Godaddy.com is implementing APC cache from 1st October 2012. APC cache helps your pages load a lot faster, but it is not always easy to implement it into your software. Smarty, the template engine, implements the APC cache from its version 3, but the older versions of Smarty, are a bit trickier to master.
Finding a good way of implementing APC cache to your Smarty 2 is a challenge, but don’t worry, I am here :D.
Here is a method to implement APC cache to your CS-Cart eCommerce software, which is using Smarty 2 as its templating engine:
You need to:

  1. Create a SMARTY cache handler for handling APC cache. Be careful that […]

Buy a Laptop

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You gotta buy one someday… no matter when, you’ll have to know what to buy.

so let me give you some tips and advice,

You got some budget, now you need a reason to buy a laptop,

Suppose you live in a very crowded city and you got a small flat of 90 meters square so you need to use your space as efficient as possible, and you cant waste 5 meter square for a desktop PC,

Or, you are always on the move, and anyway you need to carry a computer with you so better be a laptop instead of a desktop computer!

Another thing is that laptops use batteries, so the power output of the battery is limited and known, but desktop computers […]

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