ESXI: Move VM between hosts

Here is a “how-to” to move VMs between ESXi hosts without vCenter and completely for FREE: Here is the scenario: We have two ESXi hosts: “esxi-old” and “esxi-new” like below: We want our VMs (here webserver, devFactory and database) to be copied (or you may call it moved/migrated) to the “esxi-new” host.   Follow these […]

How to install OVFTOOL on Debian Wheezy

You need to download the right version (64bit or 32 bit, .bundle file) of ovftool from vmware: Click here to download ofvtool (!) You need to register for a free vmware account.   If you have a graphical (GUI) debian wheezy, open up “Root Terminal” from accessories menu, Browse to the directory where you downloaded […]