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Remove Conficker (Downup, Downadup or Kido)

6 – Install( or update) a good Security solution

I would personally recommend BitDefender Total Security 2009 (

7 – Turn System Restore back ON!

You may want to run the Conficker Removal Tool again to be sure your PC is clean. Keep your Windows and Antivirus UP-TO-DATE!!!! (Check once a month manually at least)

8 – Feel GREAT!

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-Read More here:–Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen.html

5 replies on “Remove Conficker (Downup, Downadup or Kido)”

Thanks for the informative article! I usually don’t look up virus information until i get infected and it’s usually too late by that stage, so thank you for the advanced warning :)

WOW this worms sounds scary! I really truly appreciate all your great information in this blog posts! I try very hard to keep up to date on the latests viruses and worms out there but it seems almost futile as there is a new one cropping up all the time! I really appreciate that you shared the symptoms along with how to remove this! Thank you

This has been spotlighted on my blog. Thanks for a great post! I’m sure this will really be helpful to someone — there’s some pretty nasty viruses out there.

i’m from indonesia.
and i just want to thank you for the information to remove conficker virus.
thank you very much.
if my english is better i really want to say so much more to show my gratitude to you.
thank you very much.

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