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Remove Conficker (Downup, Downadup or Kido)

About Conficker:

If you ever heard about Microsoft (the maker of Windows and a full bundle of problems attached to it), and if you have already heard about Conficker, or also called Downup, Downadup or Kido, I suppose that you’ve already taken steps on protecting yourself and your friends from this computer worm (or computer virus as some may call it!).

I’m writing this urgent post to warn everyone and help my dear visitors protect themselves and repair their infected computers.

Please spread the word and get people to read this article so you can help and save them! (


Conficker was born in October 2008, and targets Microsoft Windows Operating systems, so if you run Windows on your computer, YOU ARE A TARGET FOR CONFICKER! So, let’s get straight to the point, that is how to know if you’re already infected and how to remove the worm and how to protect yourself from later infections.

Symptomes of infection according to Wikipedia are:

  • Account lockout policies being reset automatically.
  • Certain Microsoft Windows services such as Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), Windows Defender and Error Reporting Services are automatically disabled.
  • Domain controllers respond slowly to client requests.
  • System network gets unusually congested. This can be checked with network traffic chart on Windows Task Manager.
  • On websites related with antivirus software, Windows system updates cannot be accessed.
  • Launches a brute force dictionary attack against administrator passwords to help it spread through ADMIN$ shares, making choice of sensible passwords advisable.

The worm spreads through movable drives (USB Flash drives, Memory cards, network drives, shared devices with storage memory and networks (the internet, your office’s LAN, your home’s network…) Conficker uses the Autorun feature (if you can call it a feature!! :) ) of Windows and a specially crafted RPC query to spread it self. more information and advanced technical details on how the worm operates is available on my other post: Conficker Worm, Advanced Technical Details (Coming Soon)
On the next page(s) I’ll discuss detailed solution to remove the Conficker virus and Patch your computer…

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Thanks for the informative article! I usually don’t look up virus information until i get infected and it’s usually too late by that stage, so thank you for the advanced warning :)

WOW this worms sounds scary! I really truly appreciate all your great information in this blog posts! I try very hard to keep up to date on the latests viruses and worms out there but it seems almost futile as there is a new one cropping up all the time! I really appreciate that you shared the symptoms along with how to remove this! Thank you

This has been spotlighted on my blog. Thanks for a great post! I’m sure this will really be helpful to someone — there’s some pretty nasty viruses out there.

i’m from indonesia.
and i just want to thank you for the information to remove conficker virus.
thank you very much.
if my english is better i really want to say so much more to show my gratitude to you.
thank you very much.

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