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QR Codes, The Begining.

QR Codes

Ever heard about QR Codes? You surely know about the Barcodes, which you see on almost every purchased product. Ever asked yourself about that barcode reader application on your new smartphone?
Well, recently there’s been a new invention called QR Code. It’s a square with lots of black nad white points in it! yeah, kinda strange and extraterrestrial alphabet!
This square can contain information which you can scan with your smart phone and save that info on your device. It prevents typing and more important TYPOs!
To know what it the technology and who invented this tech and different aspects of it, go to your favorite search engine and search for it; a good reference is Wikipedia. Click Here for Wikipedia Article on QR Code
So, if you’ve read the article on wikipedia, you probably know better about QR codes. Today, a lot of mobile phones have inbuilt QR Readers, where the Nokia N95 is one of them.
QR Codes mostly contain URLs and Contact information. You can see them on some products, in recent street advertisings, on websites, business cards and so on. This is still a new technology to the public, but it’s spreading very fast.
In the next post on QR Codes, I’ll write about how a QR code is created and what type of data it can contain.
In the following posts, I’ll write about how to create your own QR Code, and at the end I’ll explain how to implement a QR Code for the desired page of your blog or website automatically.
As you can see, recently I’ve integrated a QR Code for each post and each page on Gibni. This code is genertad automatically by the server and it contains the page/post URL. You can try it by scanning the QR Code at the left with your QR Reader or Mobile Phone’s QR Reader Application.
In N95 8GB, the application can be accessed from Menu > Applications > Office > Barcode.
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