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Use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam

Yes! It’s very possible to have a wireless webcam if you have a mobile phone with a camera and a bluetooth connection.

Having a bulky USB webcam with that annoying USB cable when you are on the go, with your laptop, is not always the best thing to happen to you. That’s when a wireless webcam comes in handy. wireless webcam

Talking about wireless webcams, if you’ve ever thought of it, and searched about, you know that they cost a minimum of 100 USD, and are most of the time bulky, need power supply, and are relying on a network.

Now, you can have a good wireless webcam almost for free if you’ve got a mobile phone with a camera and a bluetooth connection to your computer. offers great applications for portable devices. I’ll discuss Mobiola Web Camera in this post.

With Mobiola Web Camera, you can connect your mobile (camera) phone to your computer wirelessly and use the phone as a wireless webcam. Mobiola Web Camera, offers three methods for the connection: Bluetooth, Wifi and USB cable connection.

The installation is quite straight forward, once you get the software, you install the desktop software on your computer and you install the mobile client application, and proceed through the configuration via the wizard.

Once installed, run the client software on your phone and the desktop software on your computer, and connect your phone’s camera, with the method you prefer. Either it be bluetooth, wifi or USB cable, the software guides you through the connecting proccess.

After the connection is successful, you can use your webcam in you instant messaging software(s) like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Windows Live and all other software that can video record from a webcam.

You might need to configure the video (webcam) options in your computer applications to use the Mobiola Webcam instead of other webcams (if available).

Some users may face error messages when running the Mobiola Web Camera desktop application. These errors include (but are not limited to)

– “cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version
file “connAPI.DLL”, error 126

To resolve the connAPI.dll error which is related to Nokia Connectivity API, I suggest you install the latest Nokia PC Suite ( )

or download the required “connAPI.dll” file and install it on your computer. (

– msvcrtd.dll file missing.

Download and install the msvcrtd.dll on your computer.

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I am trying to add a little fun to a robotics project for a class I am teaching at CSULB. The idea is to have the robots image plaques with the GE augmented reality image on them. The GE software is Adobe Flash Player based and looking for a web cam. The trick is finding a wireless / battery driven solution. Would your cell phone solution work for this application?

@Gary: Hi, that’s a really interesting project! I’ve just checked it out and its really cool to feel like holding a power plant in your hand!
This software provides a virtual webcam device to your computer and connects via bluetooth or usb cable to your mobile phone to get the video for the virtual webcam device so it would be the same as connecting a real physical webcam to the computer. So, you can use your mobile phone for a mobile webcam solution. By the way, this software is the property of

Warelex Mobiola is the best for mobile web came but unfortunately its android version has not been released yet i hope they will release android version pretty soon :) i am wating fo android version :(

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