Lunarpages Server Down !

Lunarpages Logo is one of the best webhosts I ever had.

On February 28th, I was not able to access the websites I host on their shared hosting server “SOL”.

The server down time was getting too much, I tried to call them, but no one was answering! so I sent an email to the helpdesk asking them for detailed information. here’s the conversation:


It’s been almost 2 hours that your server is down!!! what is wrong?! This is not acceptable!
You promise quality and best uptime but now!???
Please provide me detailed information about what is going on.
I’m in France and cant access the SOL server.
Domains I host on your servers are: , 

=====Lunarpages Response:======== 


We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our technicians are aware of the issue and are working on a speedy resolution.

The Sol server is being restored to a new server due to hardware issues. The server is not booting up after a brief power routage in our Las Vegas Data Center. Websites and email will start to function as they are restored. We are estimating that the server will be completely restored by 3pm Pacific time on 2/29/2008. Your site should be back up shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,
Jitto Thomas
[email protected]


The server was restored at the time they said it would.

I was a not happy with my website going down for few hours , but I was very happy to get fast and detailed response from Lunarpages staff.

Thanks again for your TOP CUSTOMER SUPPORT !

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Thanks for the positive feedback on your Lunarpages experiences. We really aim to provide the highest quality web hosting in the world, and if something ever does go wrong, we are quick to fix it and keep you informed of the progress.
Great content on this blog – keep up the amazing work!
Tiara Rea
Lunarpages Web Hosting

lunarpages server is down 36 hours now !!! I can’t believe how it is possible really. i will never renew my hosting plan with lunarpages anymore.

Today it is 4.5 days and Lunarpages server is still down!! I have a magento e-shop on lunarpages caracalla server. I lost money and prestige of my e-shop!!
An email from Lunarpages;
” A technician responded to your ticket with:
Hi ….,
We are deeply sorry for the current issue. The database server is undergoing a controlled restore and this should be resolved within a timely manner.
Meanwhile we thank you for your time and kind patience.
Best Regards, ”
This is really headache and more , Jut think twice if you are planning a hosting company !

Lunarpages down for almost 22 hours. They don’t answer their phones, just a recorded message that “they are aware” and “they are working on it” with zero prognosis as to when it will be up. Help tickets are ignored until after the fact, then statements are made about them being down a few hours, 22 is NOT a few, well, 3 or more is a few, so 22 is QUITE A FEW. Their “chat” feature gets you nowhere, because once they find out you’re not a managed service customer, they refuse to talk to you… and give you a different phone number with an extension, where you can call and get NOTHING. Unbelievable service. Par for the course, I guess, as I have never gotten what I would call “good” service from them, and I’ve been there for at least five years. Time for a change.

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