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Live Messenger Cannot Sign-in … 80072745 Error in Live Messenger – Solved!

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The 80072745 Error

I’ve been getting the 80072745 error in Windows Live Messenger the last 4 days. I contacted Microsoft but there was no answer from their side. I searched a lot but no solution on the net seemed to work with the error I was getting.

I’ve installed Live messenger 8.0, Live Messenger 8.5 and also the beta version (9.0) but every time, the same error pop up. I tried to remove the messenger and reinstall it but no luck! I removed even the registry keys messenger uses and installed it again, but nothing changed. The troubleshooting wizard reported that everything was fine and the connection was OK!

I installed Windows Messenger 5.1 for XP and tried to login, and that WORKED!! so I found out that there’s no problem with my account, my IP or microsoft services’ servers!

After some tests, I found out that the problem is that I can’t send data to the messenger servers. I had OUTPOST FIREWALL PRO 2008 installed on my computer. I configured the firewall to trust Live Messenger and allow TCP and UDP communications for the messenger, but the problem was still there. I uninstalled Outpost Firewall and restarted the computer, but still no luck!

The Solution

Today, I thought again about what might cause the problem… my antivirus software… it might be blocking some live messenger activities. I had ESET NOD32 PRO Antivirus installed on my system. By uninstalling the antivirus and restarting the system, Windows Live Messenger could connect again!!

Well, please keep in mind that IT IS ESSENTIAL to have an antivirus and very recommended to have a Firewall, but sometimes incompatibility issues might show up.

Now I’ll be using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 and McAfee Personal Desktop Firewall, because with these two, I had no compatibility issues yet!

So the 80072745 error: “We were unable to sign you in to the MSN Messenger, possibly because of a problem with your Internet connection. Please try again later. 80072745”  in Live Messenger is solved!

But remember that each situation should be studied well before trying anything. So, don’t rush into uninstalling your antivirus or firewall, first, try other alternatives listed here:

And feel free to contact me if you have any issues on this topic. The best and fastest way would be to let comments here and to subscribe to the RSS feeds to be able to follow up the discussion(s).

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J’ai reçu l’erreur 80072745 dans Windows Live Messenger, les 4 derniers jours. J’ai contacté Microsoft, mais aucune réponse de leur part. J’ai chercher sur google beaucoup mais aucune solution sur le net semblait fonctionner avec mon problème. J’ai essayé la version Live messenger 8.0 , Live Messenger 8.5 ainsi que la version beta (9.0), mais tout le temps, la même erreur se produisait.J’ai essayé d’enlever le messenger et le réinstaller, mais pas de chance! J’ai même enlevé les clés de registre que messenger utilise et j’ai installé de nouveau, mais rien n’a changé.

L’assistant de dépannage a indiqué que tout allait bien et la connexion est OK!

J’ai installé Windows Messenger 5,1 pour XP et a essayé de me connecter, et ca MARCHE!
Alors j’ai découvert que il n’ya pas de problème avec mon compte, mon IP, ou les services ou serveurs de microsoft!Après quelques essais, je suis arrivé a la conclusion que le problème est que je ne peux pas envoyer des données vers le serveur de messagerie de MSN.

J’avais OUTPOST FIREWALL PRO 2008 installé sur mon ordinateur. J’ai configuré le pare-feu tel que Live Messenger soit  permis a ce connecter et à permettre les communications TCP et UDP pour le messenger, mais le problème était toujours là. J’ai désinstallé Outpost Firewall et redémarré l’ordinateur, mais toujours pas de chance!

Aujourd’hui, j’ai pense à nouveau à ce qui pourrait causer le problème … Et j’ai vu que mon logiciel antivirus peut bloquer une partie des activités du messenger.J’avais “ESET NOD32 PRO Antivirus” installé sur mon système. En désinstallant l’antivirus et de redémarrer le système, Windows Live Messenger pourrait se connecter à nouveau! Et je suis de retour sur le réseau!

Eh bien, s’il vous plaît gardez à l’esprit que, IL EST INDISPENSABLE d’avoir un antivirus et très recommandé d’avoir un pare-feu, mais parfois des incompatibilités  pourraient apparaître.

Maintenant, j’installe “McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5” et “McAfee Personal Desktop Firewall”, car avec ces deux, j’ai pas de problème de compatibilité pour l’instant!

Donc, l’erreur 80072745 : “Nous n’avons pas pu vous connecter à MSN Messenger, peut-être à cause d’un problème avec votre connexion Internet. S’il vous plaît réessayer ultérieurement. 80072745” dans Live Messenger est résolu!

Mais rappelez-vous que chaque situation doit être étudiée bien avant de tenter quoi que ce soit. Donc, ne vous précipitez pas de désinstaller votre antivirus ou pare-feu, d’abord, essayez d’autres solutions citées ici:

Et n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions sur ce sujet. Laissez des commentaires ici et suscrivez vous aux flux RSS pour assurer la suite de la discussion.

53 replies on “Live Messenger Cannot Sign-in … 80072745 Error in Live Messenger – Solved!”

I had same problem too. I tried lots of things to fix that but I couldn’t fix untill I read your post. I uninstalled Nod32 and it worked, thank you for your share;)

I have the exact same problem that you describe. After installing the latest version of nod32 (eset antivirus is been called now) and after rebooting MSN didn’t work anymore giving me the well know error code 80072745 :S
after a lot of forums reading and try all recommended solutions, nothing works!! (only using the 5.1 version works, just like you)
After a lot of frustration I start thinking in some change made lately in my PC and the only one was the antivirus update (from 2.X to 3.X)… so I un-install my antivirus.. try to log to MSN and works marvelous as before… so It was the new NOD32!!! I was very surprised ..considering that I disable it the service (on one of my tries) and that didn’t work.
so the conclusion was that the only solution was REMOVING nod32… and I don’t like that! I prefer nod32 before any other antivirus, I have a lot of bad experience with McAffe so I’m thinking on installing it. May be I could try kapersky.
Does any one has any explanation on this matter?


I use a wireless modem/router to connect to the internet so this may not necessarily work for you but the idea might just be the same. I turn off my modem/router for 30 seconds and restarted it. While it is starting up, I went into the command prompt in Windows and typed “ipconfig /flushdns” in the command prompt. Restarted MSN Messenger and it connected.

hello….i have the same problem as you have…but ive always known that the problem was with the antivirus program….i had eset but that had no problems with msn….before i was using norton internet security it didnt allow me to connect to msn…now im using bit defender 2008 total security and it doesnt allow me to connect to messenger even though i set the firewall settings as it should be….but when i connect through a wired lan not wireless i can connect…if u have a bug fixer or anything or even know what to do i’d be very grateful…thanks a lot…

I have same problem with Eset programs. With NOD32 3.x I find a solution (I try only once, and it have worked – it doesn’t mean, that will work anytime): At the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) close the ekrn.exe program (it will restarting immediatly automaticly, so, it isn’t disappear from the task list). And try to log in with Live Messenger.
I have tried with ESET Smart Security (ofcourse with opened MSN ports), but didn’t work…

I had the same problem
I was searching in web and when i found this post I tried to uninstall the nod32 and it worked.
About antivirus, well I heard about AVG and I’ll try it. is free and I heard good things about it.
Good luck u all

hello, j’aime beauicoup ton blog :) on y trouve souvent quelquew perles. Je me demandais pourquoi avoir fait cete précision :b “i contacted microsoft but there was no answer from their side” :)

Here is the crazy thing I had to do to fix this…
Dear all if you have not heard simply add these addresses to the following file that should be opened with notepad and MSN will work.
C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts – (When you open the ETC folder open the HOSTS file using notepad).
insert the following addresses:
Easy done … good luck.

I insert the following addresses:
And then what ??
I save it as a new file?
delete the old one ??

Hola Chicos,
Les cuento que tenía el mismo problema. Instalé el nod32 y el messenger dejo de funcionar. Después de navegar en la web por buen rato y no encontrar respuesta me puse a jugar con el nod32 y encontre que si vas a propiedades avanzadasconfiguración de la protección del trafico de rednavegadores de internet y deseleccionas el messenger. Luego dentro de esa misma ruta vas a MOdo activo y tambien deseleccionas el messnger entonces LISTO!!! ya tienes messenger again!!! yeeee!!!
Si no te funciona trata deseleccionando también el iexplorer y prueba. Muchas suerte.
Sorry if I didn’t write in english. I love spanish! bye!

Yup, you are right, it’s Eset NOD32 anti-virus that caused the problem. Once I uninstalled NOD32, rebooted the PC, Live Messenger MSN worked fine. I guess I will have to change to another anti-virus. I installed the Free AVG anti-virus for the time being which worked fine with Live Messenger MSN.

i had the same prblem n i also use nod32…the solution is tht disable ur antivirus and make sure tht live messenger is ticked in ur firewall settings n also make sure ur time and date is correct…den try to sign in n it will work…after signing in…enable nod32 again….:P

The-fix: Right click on the Nod32 icon in the systray where the system clock is, click on Advanced setup. Select Protocol Filterting and change the selection to HTTP and POP3 ports. This will solve the problem. (You’ll need to close and reopen Live Messenger after you’ve made the changes before it’ll work)

I have the same problem when using NOD32 and I tried “the fix” that Nico mentioned. It works! Thanks alot.

I had the same pb. Thanks to Nico for his solution.
I unchecked the two boxes (POP3 and HTTP) in Advanced Setup.
Whatever, Is the web protection still efficient after this?

In Nod32
Go to advanced Setup
->Antivirus and Antispyware
->Web Access Protection
->Web Browsers
UNcheck Windows Live Messenger.
Job Done.
No host file messing.

eyy se q esto ya es viejo pero recien ahora tengo internet en casa y tenia problemas para el msn pero gracias a tu solucion lo arregle encima en otros lados salia con otros nombres y no entendia ejeje muchisimas graciasss..

falew Nico Says
é so abrir o nod32 , clik em cong avanças e selecione Protocolo Filterting e altere a selação pra Http e pop3 portas.
iiii pronto problema solucionado !!!!!
naum abra mao d ter nod 32 (considerado uns dos melhores do antivirus do mundo se naum o melhor)

Hi Guys,
having the same problem, dont have Nod32 only windows firewall and windows Live OneCare, turned them both off and still getting the error message!
Any ideas on how to fix this??

hi, my msn wont let me sign in it says there is an error with the code 80072745 … i use avira antivirus and i seriously dont know what to do… so could soe please help me and email me at {REMOVED BY ADMIN} :( I REALLY NEED TO GET BACK ON MSN

@Andy: Please read this article and all its comments, it might help you. for example I suggest you try this, and also do some research on possible issues between your antivirus (and firewall, if any) and MSN connectivity. On the other hand, check your MSN account for the country you have set in your profile.
and also try to uninstall live messenger (then restart your computer)and reinstall Live Messenger again.
You may also try to clear the cache and delete cookies of your default web browser.

Booaa Nicos !!
NOD32 tava barrando mesmo !
Valeuu Obrigadoo !! Otima Dicaa !!

I have found the problem, The solution for me was to disable the option of Internet Traffic on ESET NOD 32 Antivirus. It is in Configuration – Internet Traffic configuration- when you are in the tree go to option Antivirus & Antispyware -> Internet traffic protection -> HTTP -> Internet Navigators, and un-check the option of msnmsgr.exe , I think that the problem was that NOD32 was blocking the traffic. After this it works fine.

I had the same problem, but did what Nico suggested and msn logged straight in.
Thank you Nico xxx

i actuallay have eset smart security 3.0.670.0, and got the same embarassing problem with both yahoo nd msn messenger and found a way to solve it it’s too simple, all you have to do is to go to personnal firewall ==> advanced firewall setup ==>protocol filtering==> redirect for filtering ==> and then you click the 1st choice wich is HTTP and POP3 ports, this surely will work :)

baslat -> calistir
notepad c:windowssystem32driversetchosts
enter. aç?lan dosyan?n en alt?na;
yaz?p kaydediyoruz.
ve sorun ortadan kalkm?st?r. gecmi? olsun.

i wonder if anyone could help me with my msn and hotmail problem!..
b4 a couple of days my msn doesnot work…and the hotmail work probably..i did enter ur site to figure out my msn pb..i did the alll the following mentioned solutions: the notepad solution, the http ports, and disabling nod32…nothing worked with me!..and the hotmail didnt work anymore dont know why!!!…when i installed msn they ssaid to me d.load the newer version when i did that..a warning msg poped telling me that i caant install newer version:S…am confusing ;s!…plzz help me…
with all my regards

Thank you so much for that, really a great job,,, but I will add something useful here,,, I’m using ESET Nod32 as an Antivirus application, and I had the same experience with the error code 80072745, and I can say no need to uninstall the Antivirouse application, just uncheck the MSN Messenger from the Web Access Protection menu and from the Email client integration menu, which are located in the advance mode setup of the ESET Nod32, and problem will be solved,,,,,,

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