Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Download Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 recently.

Today, I installedit on my Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, and now it’s been 3 hours I’m testing it.

So far, I’m not so happy with it. It’s a bit slower and does not look so different.

Page formattings are different on IE8, as the same websites on IE7 are better looking! Paraghraph indentation is messed up in IE8.

The new Yahoo! Mail interface does not recognize IE8, and if you try to get in anyway, you won’t be able to read your emails because you can’t access the “folders” as such object is not authorized!

On Facebook, to confirm requests as friend requests, IE8 gets very slow when you click the confirm button as it looks like a “Not Responding” application for a while and then it gets alive again!

Something new that I liked is the “Activity” feature. When you select a text on the screen a small arrow button appears and you can do many things with it like send it with Hotmail, or Blog about it on Live Spaces and other features.

Other thing is “View selected source” which is a feature already there in Firefox for years. With which you can view the source of the selected page element.

I liked the “Translate with Windows Live” activity, which opens a small inline popup with the translation to the default language which you can change too.

IE8 gives you the possibility to create your own Activities as it uses XML files to deal with different activities.

Some few graphics improvements have been done on IE8 including the “You have opened a New Tab” page, the “Quick Tabs” page.

The “Manage Add-ons” section have been changed and it look a lot better and more comprehensible and easy to use.

Microsoft change the “Phishing Filter ” to the new “Safety Filter”.

Well, now it’s been just a while that I’m using IE8, I’ll write a more detailed review later.

But till now, in overall, I’d give a 4 out of 10 to IE8.

You can download and test IE8 from Microsoft. Here’s the link: