UPDATE: Translation bar not appearing in pages or sub directories; FIXED.

One of my goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter loading times.
So of you might already be familiar to my Optimized version of Global Translator which is initially made by www.Nothing2Hide.net, which provides translated version of your blog to visitors. Latest version till now is, which is a stable and improved version.

As I said it in my previous post on this topic, this plugin basically consumes a of bandwidth and keeps pages in a loading state for a long period of time, as it keeps many connections busy between the client and the server to download all independent flag pictures to the client’s computer. This slows down the website as there’s a limited number of simultaneous connections allowed between the client and the server and on the other side, this increases the ‘account hits’ on shared hosting plans.

For more and detailed information on what I thought of and did to optimize this plugin, please refer to my previous post about this topic: https://www.gibni.com/global-translator-plugin-for-wordpress-optimized

After the update, I’ve created a new version of my optimized Global Translator version. This includes the latest Global Translator core ( and my optimized code version (0.2.2).

My plugin saved a lot of time for a lot of people! and it improved my websites appearance and performance.

You can download it from the Downloads Page.

Installation: Upload the plugin directory to your wordpress installation’s plugins directory.

Activate the plugin and USE DIVs for creating the translation bar in the OPTIONS page of the Plugin!!