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Apple iPad Review

After all those rumors on iSlate, iTab, etc, at last the Apple’s tablet official information came out. iPad is the real name! After a tour on Apple’s website, comes few points:


iPad Advantages?

iPad seems to be the next best thing after iPhone, but compared to iPhone,


  • it’s got a bigger screen,
  • great touch-screen technology,
  • faster processor,
  • more storage space,
  • ambient light sensor,
  • and few little details…
  • Cool design,
  • iPad Applications
  • Classy,

But as far as it goes with the details on Apple, there aren’t many advantages to iPad.


iPad, a laptop or a HUGE iPhone?

iPad is definitely not a laptop and neither a netbook, it’s 9.7 inches big screen, it gets close to 10 inches netbooks but the fact that it does not have a great storage space, nor a built-in webcam, nor a USB support moves the iPad far from the competition of all-in-one computers!

To me, iPad is just a HUGE iPhone!


iPad Disadvantages?

  • You can’t extend the memory!
  • You can’t connect any devices to it, apart from a computer (or a headset/music stand),
  • It doesn’t have a webcam,
  • Limited language support,
  • Not Universal data connection cable (Apple exclusive, not an issue if you got an iPhone already)


What now?

So, after all this, the question is, why should I buy an iPad? What are the best purposes of the iPad? Can iPad replace my iPhone? Can iPad replace my laptop?


What to use iPad for?

  • iPad is best for:
  • Reading books,
  • Being your calendar,
  • Be your small TV,
  • Watch movies on it,
  • Photo screen,
  • Basic game console.


Now, if you get one (or already got) everyone reading this would be happy if you share your ideas and points of view. My last question before ending this post is:


“What problem iPad solves in your life?”

4 replies on “Apple iPad Review”

The iPad is a game changer. I’ve been using it and it is awesome. I don’t miss Flash at all.
The Wifi works great. I really like the ablity to draw on the iPad. The keyborad is not that bad at all. I LOVE the Dragon dictation. You don’t NEED a keyboard with the Dragon iPad app. Get one–now!!!!!!

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