[Resolved] WordPress : Custom Fields not working and not getting updated issue

Time solves your problems I’ve had a problem with WordPress last 3 months, and at last, I found the solution. Here is the story: WordPress Custom Fields WordPress posts have meta data (Custom Fields) where additional information on the post are stored. For example the featured image, number of views, comments count, keywords, SEO description and so […]

SEO Super Comments – Update

Improve your SEO and increase Pageviews There’s a great plugin for the WordPress platform, called SEO Super Comments, which creates a single “virtual” page for each comment on your site. It increases the number of pages you have on the site, and improves your SEO a lot. Read more on SEO Super Comments on the […]

Emergency code

Who to call in case of website emergency? Due to some yet unknown issue, WordPress version 2.8.2 might be causing server errors. Lunarpages, my “current” and might become “ex” webhosting company, shut down Gibni.com yesterday without any prior notice, saying they’ve taken an emergency action, as the “index.php” script in my wordpress root was using […]

Posts and comments in “any” language in WordPress!

Have you ever thought of writing your blog posts in a language other than English? or even let your visitors leave comments in another language!? Well, some may answer with “Yes! in French!” (or Portuguese, or Italian…), but, what I mean is in other languages like Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Urdu, Chinese…, languages which have characters […]

Make money online with your mobile website

I wish you a happy new year 2009! This year’s first post is about the mobile version of your website/blog. As some of you might know already, Gibni.com has a mobile version which shows up when you access the site (http://www.gibni.com) from a mobile device like your phone. Gibni detects and recognizes automatically the device […]

Global Translator, Optimized Version 0.2.2 released! (Updated)

UPDATE: Translation bar not appearing in pages or sub directories; FIXED. One of my goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter loading times. So of you might already be familiar to my Optimized version of Global Translator which is initially made by www.Nothing2Hide.net, which provides translated version of your blog to visitors. Latest version […]

Optimizing Global Translator Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE: Version 0.2 released In the new theme designed for Gibni.com, one of the main goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter page loading times. This post is for people who have the basics of website optimizations. In this post, I’ll discuss a very popular WordPress Plugin, Global Translator, made by www.Nothing2Hide.net, which is […]

3D Tag Cloud For WordPress

I’ve recently installed a new Tag Cloud on Gibni.com, If you look well, you should already have noticed it. It’s a 3D Sphere tag cloud! it’s based on a flash file but the real knowledge behind makes it completely search engine friendly.  This is basically a plugin called WP-CUMULUS made by Roy Tanck. The Plugin […]

Dropcap First Letter, Universal Version

As you can see on Gibni.com, articles’ title have got a drop capped first letter. I’m making this technique available to the public so that you can “Drop cap” any text you wish. You can drop cap in WordPress or on any other platform where you can run PHP functions. I’ll explain on how to […]