Buy a Laptop

You gotta buy one someday… no matter when, you’ll have to know what to buy.

so let me give you some tips and advice,

You got some budget, now you need a reason to buy a laptop,

Suppose you live in a very crowded city and you got a small flat of 90 meters square so you need to use your space as efficient as possible, and you cant waste 5 meter square for a desktop PC,

Or, you are always on the move, and anyway you need to carry a computer with you so better be a laptop instead of a desktop computer!

Another thing is that laptops use batteries, so the power output of the battery is limited and known, but desktop computers are connected to the AC Mains of your house, and therefore there is less risk of burning components in laptops!

Think of your eyes too! in desktops with CRT monitor you may get weak eyes after a while, but in laptops and also LCD/PLASMA monitors there is NO RADIATION and you get safe when it comes to eyes.

Power consumption; it’s considerably low when it’s a laptop, as a desktop will get you higher electricity bills!

With all these reasons or the reason that you want a laptop just for fun or for showing it off to your friends let’s move on and talk about how to choose one…

The Laptop:

First thing is the look you should love. Go in the market and see what you can find,

Then it comes to the manufacturer company, better it be a well known company with good customer care and support in your area or the areas you will travel to.

The technical part, which is the inside of your laptop.

The speed, the memory, the features and so on…

before anything, specify your budget and then buy the best laptop in your budget.

* – Let’s start with the processor;

There are two big manufacturers of processors:  Intel and AMD.

Whoever you choose get the fastest and most recent processor model. you can find these information in their own websites. and is a very useful tool while doing research and taking decisions. By date the fastest CPU with intel is Intel Core Duo Processor with Intel Centrio Mobile Technology.

There are two factors when it comes to processors (CPU), first is the clock speed and second is internal cache (L2), where both are important. Don’t get fooled by the clock speed only, you should pay attention to the L2 cache provided.

for example, a 1.7GHz (clock speed) with 1MB of L2 cache is much slower than the same processor with 2MB of L2 cache!

* – Now it comes to RAM which is a big player for your computer’s speed. the more RAM the faster your applications run. Go for as high capacity as you can on RAM.

SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, where SDRAM is the slowest and DDR2 is the fastest. refer to your budget for choosing.

* – The Hard Drive; where you store your data in,

any capacity more than 60 GB will do.  so just see what you can afford and how much data you will have to store.

* – Media disc reader… better be a DVD Writer with dual layer support or AT LEAST a DVD combo (i.e. CD Writer + DVD Reader) (You can go for a BluRay disc reader/writer, but it’s still too costly)

* – Communication…

Check for broadband and modem connectivity, wireless network cards available, infrared availability, integrated bluetooth, USB ports, IEEE 1394 port, and any other port you may need, be careful that more connectivity options will give you better compatibility in different areas.

* – Display size and graphics card…

The bigger and W I D E R screen, the better view, but you will have to carry more weight… so see what you like about the display size.

on graphics card, normally these days laptops come with 128MB on-board shared memory graphics card, which will do for many recent games. but think again if you are presented with a 64MB graphics.

* – Accessories…

Think about your needs and budget, then choose what you want.

* – Warranty

try to get the best warranty option from the company and check for a GLOBAL WARRANTY option if available.

and now you can go through the market and you’ll know what to look for, and the seller can’t fool you anymore.