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Epson Stylus DX8450, My new All-in-One Printer

Epson Stylus DX8450

Epson Stylus DX8450

Today I purchased the All-in-One printer, which does also scanning and copying and has got card reader and an LCD for printing right from a memory card.
Easy to Use:
The Epson DX8450 is a very beautiful and well design printer. It’s really easy to install and to use. To start using it, i had just to put in the ink and it’s ready to go. But you should be careful to install the drivers and required software BEFORE connecting the printer to your computer.
Seperate inks:
The big advantage about it is that it had got seperate inks, that is each color has got it’s own cartridge, and whenever one gets over, I won’t need to change all of them.
Plus on the running costs, it’s a very cost effective printer, as each of the original ink would cost me around 8 to 10 Euros, which is quite an interesting price.
Print Speed and Quality:
The DX8450 is a quite fast and has very high quality for printing. It prints very nice photos (on special photo paper) and perfect quality for normal document printing.
I will test the Transfer printing in the next few days, and post some photos of the t-shirts i’ll be creating with.
This is a quite low noise printer. Although I won’t say it’s the perfect one, but it’s a lot more quite than other brands and models I’ve seen on the market within the same price range.
Inks for Epson Stylus DX8450:
Are you worried about the inks and their costs? Don’t worry, I checked the prices and compared them to the other brands and in the long run, the epson inks will be cheaper for you than any other ones.
There are also “Compatible” inks, that cost less, but would “a bit” decrease the print quality. So even if you’re thinking about compatible inks, the DX8450 is still the best choice.
The price of this printer will depend on the country you purchase it from, but it usually ranges from 90 to 100 Euros ( 135 – 150 USD)
Just drop in your local computer store and ask them about DX8450!
Buy The Epson Stylus DX8450:
If can’t get one in your local store, You can buy one here on! To buy it from me, you have to take in account the shipping costs, but the price for a NEW Epson Stylus DX8450 will be 85Euros, and this offer is to promote my website!
So, don’t hesitate!


Update Your Nokia Phone

You need to read this guide TWICE! (2 times)

Once to know what is going on and what is going to happen (The theory part)

And The second time to follow the procedure (The practical part)

You might need to read this too ( (Optional, Recommended)

The translation of this post to French will come soon.

La traduction en Français de cette article sera disponible rapidement.



This tutorial (How to) will guide you through the process of upgrading your mobile phone’s software, also know as FIRMWARE.

I will discuss on how to update Nokia N-Series phones, and the example here will be the Nokia N95 8GB. But you can follow the same steps to upgrade other models of the n-series family like N73, N82, N93, N95, N81 and all n-series phone.

Upgrading a firmware usually makes the device operate easier and become more stable, and sometimes might happen to get new features and functionalities. On mobile phones, the firmware upgrade usually solves the stability problems and improves the phone’s performance.

Even if most of the time upgrading is recommended, you should do it with extreme care. Before going ahead with the upgrade process, do some research on what is new with the upgrade you’re going to apply, search on the forums to see if there are people who already did the upgrade, and what is their feedback on that.

I do not guarantee that this tutorial will work on any other model/brand than the ones above.

So, Be careful, this is an expert step, you risk to “brick” your phone. (= Make your phone not usable).

Been quite a long time I’ve been waiting for a new firmware release from Nokia for the N95 8GB phone.

This week, I came to know that the latest firmware version is the 20.0.016 for the N95 8GB.

To know what is the latest version available for your Nokia phone, go to and put in your phone’s product number, the page will tell you your phone’s model and the latest firmware available for it.

You can find the product number of your phone by opening the battery cover and removing the battery, there would be a number in this format:

CODE: 0520001

Well, now that you know the latest version available, note that down and now turn on your phone, and go to

“Menu>Tools>Utilities>Device mgr.” , here you’ll see the version installed on your phone, the “Device Software” version!

You can now easily tell if your phone needs an update!?

Before doing anything, I should warn you that performing and upgrade will erase all data stored on your phone’s internal memory (You will lose everything which is stored in the internal memory, like contacts, programs, themes, settings, messages, notes….)

SO! It is very important that you keep a backup of your phone’s memory! My advice would be that you keep a backup on your computer (PC/MAC) using the Nokia PC Suite ( Nokia Nseries PC Suite 2.0 ) . For that you connect your phone with a USB cable (or Bluetooth) and choose PC Suite mode, and on the computer, you use the “content copier” to make a backup of your phone’s memory. It takes about 5-15 minutes depending on the info stored in the memory.

After all is done, make a backup inside your phone too, just in case! To do that, go to: “Menu>Tools>Utilities>Memory” , click “Options”, and Select “Back up phone memory”. This will also take some time. Let it finish, and you’ll be sure.

Well, now put your phone on charge to get the battery full. (This is important!!)

Meanwhile, go an download the latest Nokia Software Updater (, install it on your computer.

I advise you to Disconnect all other USB peripherals, unless they are extremely necessary like your mouse!

Run the installed software from your desktop, it will need to connect to update itself again. Let is do whatever it needs to do!

My advice is that after it is done, you restart your computer and close all unneeded programs.

Now, Run again Nokia Software Updater from your desktop, and keep an active Internet connection, because it will need to download about 110MB of firmware.

Connect your phone in PC Suite mode, and follow the process explained very clearly in Nokia Software Updater.

* Make sure that your phone is on charge and is connected to the charger.

* Make sure you have no electricity problem and that you’re going to have electricity for the next 30 minutes.

*Make sure you open/run NO OTHER software, music, text or any file.

* Make sure you put your phone on General profile (By clicking once the power button and choosing General).

* Make sure no one’s going to disconnect the phone in the update process.

Well, if every thing’s OK, proceed now with the update. It will first tell you if there’s an update available for your phone, and then will ask you if you want to upgrade. Proceed, then it will download the firmware, and apply it to the phone, the phone will then restart and will be ready to use.

Once every thing’s finished, go to Memory, in Utilities, and click “Options” and then Select “Rest. From Mass Memory” , this will restore the backed up data, and your messages, settings, files and stuff will be back again in place.

You have the latest Firmware and your files are in place too!

Please make sure you read my last post on this topic (, it will guide you if you get errors like “No Firmware Upgrade Available for your phone” or “Installation problems with Nokia Software Updater” or “How to change product code” or “How to unbrand your phone”. It’s very useful and important!

Please see this page if you need to know which product codes to use:

I should tell you that you need to reinstall again all the software you had installed and also reinstal the themes you like. (Maybe they’ll be there after the memory restore, but that’t recommended to be reinstalled). You should also refresh the media library.

If you have any issues/comments/question, do not hesitate to put them in the comments section.

The translation of this post to French will come soon.