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PrestaShop Revolution

After hours of testing and coding templates for PrestaShop, I thought it would be nice to rewrite PrestaShop code, and make it more portable, flexible, and less dependent on Old JavaScript.

The first goal of the PrestaShop Revolution, is to use the latest JS librairies, as latest jQuery, and its plugins. Here is the place for everyone interested to share their knowledge, and work toward making PrestaShop a better e-commerce solution.

To be more efficient, I beleive that loaded JS and CSS files should all be defined in template files, and not main PrestaShop PHPs; e.g. the JS files for the Product Page, which are defined in /prestashop/product.php rather than prestashop/themes/mytheme/product.php

For longtime I’ve been a WordPress developper and I beleive that the success of WordPress not only relies on its community, but also on its way of handling themes and interfaces.

 Basically, Smarty – the templating framework used for PrestaShop – is complex and difficult to understand, so why making it more unreliable by using unclean and unhealthy coding?

I’m actually working on integrating latest jQuery 1.4.2 on PrestaShop and updating latest jQuery Plugins, and most important, I moved JS librairies to theme’s folder, rather than PrestaShop’s JS directory.

I invite everyone interested in this project to share their work, knowledge, experiences and ideas here, and on a dedicated forum in PrestaShop Forums called PrestaShop Revolution.

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Epson Stylus DX8450, My new All-in-One Printer

Epson Stylus DX8450

Epson Stylus DX8450

Today I purchased the All-in-One printer, which does also scanning and copying and has got card reader and an LCD for printing right from a memory card.
Easy to Use:
The Epson DX8450 is a very beautiful and well design printer. It’s really easy to install and to use. To start using it, i had just to put in the ink and it’s ready to go. But you should be careful to install the drivers and required software BEFORE connecting the printer to your computer.
Seperate inks:
The big advantage about it is that it had got seperate inks, that is each color has got it’s own cartridge, and whenever one gets over, I won’t need to change all of them.
Plus on the running costs, it’s a very cost effective printer, as each of the original ink would cost me around 8 to 10 Euros, which is quite an interesting price.
Print Speed and Quality:
The DX8450 is a quite fast and has very high quality for printing. It prints very nice photos (on special photo paper) and perfect quality for normal document printing.
I will test the Transfer printing in the next few days, and post some photos of the t-shirts i’ll be creating with.
This is a quite low noise printer. Although I won’t say it’s the perfect one, but it’s a lot more quite than other brands and models I’ve seen on the market within the same price range.
Inks for Epson Stylus DX8450:
Are you worried about the inks and their costs? Don’t worry, I checked the prices and compared them to the other brands and in the long run, the epson inks will be cheaper for you than any other ones.
There are also “Compatible” inks, that cost less, but would “a bit” decrease the print quality. So even if you’re thinking about compatible inks, the DX8450 is still the best choice.
The price of this printer will depend on the country you purchase it from, but it usually ranges from 90 to 100 Euros ( 135 – 150 USD)
Just drop in your local computer store and ask them about DX8450!
Buy The Epson Stylus DX8450:
If can’t get one in your local store, You can buy one here on! To buy it from me, you have to take in account the shipping costs, but the price for a NEW Epson Stylus DX8450 will be 85Euros, and this offer is to promote my website!
So, don’t hesitate!