Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia E71 and N95 (Internal GPS supported)

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Garmin Inc. provides very useful and interesting GPS solutions. Garmin Mobile XT is a software which is designed for mobile phones and provides GPS navigation on the go!

Basically, you should buy a Garmin GPS Reciever and the software provided together to use Garmin products.

On the Nokia E71 and ( N95 8GB ) you can install the Garmin Mobile XT (version 5.00.40 as of today) and use the internal GPS and/or the A-GPS intergrated on the Nokia Phones.

STEP ONE: First thing to do is to get Garmin Mobile XT software for your device. Go to Garmin Mobile XT website, and download the right version for your phone.

Once you downloaded the installation files, connect your phone on the USB DATA […]

TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 3

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Symbian OSThere are a lot of softwares out there for Symbian platform and they get more and more everyday. I’ve started to test some of the best ones on my own Nokia N95 8GB phone and the ones that qualify, are listed in these series of posts. There’s been 2 parts previously and I should tell you that some of those softwares and applications have become obsolete and either their functionalities are included in new Firmware release or There’s been no update of the said applications till date. Before we start with the third part, let me recall the previous lists:

1- Landscape Pro – Functionality included in new Firmware

2- RotateMe v2.0 – Functionality included in […]

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N95 Won't boot ?!

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Today, I was listening to music on my N95 8GB, and I ran the installation of Agile Messenger, but suddenly the phone blocked and I could not even turn it off with the power button, I waited long enough, and then I removed the battery to restart the phone.

After restarting, the Nokia logo appeared and then the phone freezed!

The N95 won’t boot! The lights turn on, the Nokia logo appears and then everything freezes !? is that really happening!!!?

At that moment, I knew there was a serious problem. Anyway, I tried to remove and restart the phone many times, but I didn’t help.

Anyway, I got on the net, and searched for possible solutions. The most discussed solution was to Hard Reset the phone.

3 methods are there, but this one […]

TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 2

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Nokia N95 8GBNokia N95 8GBWell, so far it’s been more than 2 months I’m using the all new Nokia N95 8GB, and i’ve tested a lot of applications.

In the last post on this topic, I introduced 5 applications that I had personally installed and tested.

As promised, I’ll post 5 more this time, numbers follow…

6- Salling Clicker

This makes your phone as a remote form your computer over the bluetooth and even over WIFI if you’ve got a WIFI network around. I’ve installed and tested this app, works nice with inbuilt windows bluetooth drivers and has a lot of functions and even the possibility of making your own scripts. For example, I can control the Windows Media Player […]

TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 1

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Symbian OS

The Nokia N95 8GB, is a Symbian S60 3rd Generation, Featured Pack 1 (v.9.1) phone. It’s a BB5 type.Here’s a list of applications you can install on nokia N95 which I have tested and they are said to be stable and working.

1- Landscape Pro : It’s an application which uses the inbuilt accelerometer to detect when you rotate the phone and it rotates the screen respectively. It operates on 0, 90 and 270 degrees rotation. The version 2.0 is the latest till date and is a stable version. Read the post about Landscape Pro 2.0 for more info.


Landscape Pro version 2.0

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LandscapePro 2.0The N95 made a huge success. If you got an N95, you probably know about the accelerometer inside. And probably heard about applications which rotate the screen when you turn the phone horizontally or vertically.

Landscape Pro, is one of such applications which works great, but’s not perfectly matched yet with Nokia N95 or the N95 8GB.

The previous version I installed on my phone, which was version 1.2, had some issues that I told the programmer about.

here’s the email conversation I had with him:


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Nokia N95 8GB , My New Mobile Phone.

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Please Read this guide to the end and visit all the resources and links before trying anything

I bought the Nokia N95 8GB two days ago, and i’m can’t get my hands off it! Every thing is so fine in this handset!

Mine is a branded one, with SFR France. I got a Nokia BH-201 Bluetooth Headset too.

The Handset comes with wired headset, a wall charger, TV cable, USB cable, a manual and Spider Man 3 movie preloaded on the 8GB memory! The camera got a perfect quality and takes very clear photos.

The phone connects by different methods to the computer, either Data transfer where the 8GB memory is recognized as a memory drive (flash disk) […]

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