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Money making: Step One – Your way of thinking

Some of you who read my About me page already know that it’s been about 3 years I’m online making money. Guys like JohnChow, Shoemoney, Problogger and some more prooved that making money on the internet is very possible. They started blogs where they tell you about their success stories and how they make money. That’s a good way to go, but lots of people can’t make any money with their advices and methods.

You are asking “Why?”, right?

Well, I think the main reason is that people start reading from some point and see for example JohnChow is making 40 thousand dollars a month. Naturally people try doing the same things that John or even Jeremy is doing. But things don’t work the way they should be!

Let me be clear here

There’s no legal “get rich quick” method. Successful people spent time, effort and money to build their success.

Reading blogs from the first post is not very smart as there are lots of “test” posts; i.e. posts that have been written to see “what happens?”.

You need to be aware that nothing comes free, and you get what you pay for.

You should know that there are different methods to make money, not only the ones you read about at JohnChow‘s.

You should know when to quit if the way you’re going isn’t the right one.

You should be open to ideas and see your past as experiences, not defeats.

What it takes to make money?

Basically all the tools you need to make a full living on the internet are available to you almost free! What you need to do is to make them work together so you make real money.

Creativity is the first tool you need. ALWAYS remember it.

Patience is one of the most important tools you will need, motivation too.

You need to know some human language of your choice.

The remaining comes by itself.

What do I do??

What I will let you see here are the steps you are not seeing, which are the reasons why you don’t make enough (if any) money. Always remember that you need to take the first and though steps before reaching success.

Get it on paper! Good old paper.

First step, there is something you’re not doing, at least not right! it would be easier to find what you “are” doing. Take a paper, define your project, goals, time lines, methods and results you got.

That might require some time and some work, but you need to put effort in everything you want to “work”.

Smaller Goals

Set smaller goals, so you can achieve them in a relatively short time. Like “Buy a domain” by the end of the week, or “send an email” tomorrow. This way you will “progress” in a positive way. That is what you need.

I’ll get back to you soon to continue this discussion. Post in your progresses to succeed easier by being first commenters as you’ll be more “visible”…

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Mark's History

Have you found an article, post or comment useful on this site and it saved you time or/and money?

Many people have visited since its first day and the number grows everyday. Do you want to mark the history of this site by bringing some help to it?


Currently I am writing the 3rd article on the Delayed Write Failed error message which will hopefully help people with this issue to get their hardware work properly as expected.

The 4th part of TOP Symbian Applications is on the way too.

I expect an increase in my unique visitors by 7 000/month. Which will lead to about 30 000 unique visitors per month.

My first goal is to provide information for free, and make it accessible to everyone. All of this takes time, a lot of time.

Many visitors wanted to say “Thanks” for the information I provided here and that helped them in some way, so I recently started a new section, which you might have already seen, it’s the Donations page. Here you can donate any amount of money to help me continue the developpement of Gibni and if you donate more than 10 USD, you can show a name and a link of your choice on the Donators list.

Go ahead and Buy me a drink (Coffee: 3.5 USD, Beer: 4.5 USD or Fresh soda: 2.5 USD) at least if you can’t donate a larger amount.

Thanks for your great support.

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Make money online with your mobile website

I wish you a happy new year 2009!
This year’s first post is about the mobile version of your website/blog. As some of you might know already, has a mobile version which shows up when you access the site ( from a mobile device like your phone.
Gibni detects and recognizes automatically the device you’re using, and serves appropiate content for your screen and device or browser capabilities.
Gibni currently runs on WordPress 2.7, and the mobile version of the site is provided by Mobile Press.
Thanks to this wonderful plugin, Gibni is running very well on mobile devices, and from an admin point of view, there’s no conflict with caching plugins.Gibni Mobile Screenshot
Previously I used to have other plugins on Gibni to provide mobile versions of the pages but there were always issues with caching capabilities.
I never thought that Gibni would get mobile visitors, but I was really impressed when I saw the analytics reports for Decembre 2008! The mobile version got around 2500 visitors! And that made me think of developing more features in the mobile sections, and post more articles on mobile subjects and subjects that will be useful to mobile users.
And thankfully, this year starts very well, in just 7 days, the mobile version of Gibni recieved around 600 happy visitors, and growing.
The advantage of  Mobile Press, is that you can easily edit the template files and create your own theme or modify the beautiful existing themes. By editing a theme, I added advertisements to the mobile version of Gibni, and let me tell you, it makes a lot more than what I expected it to do!!
I currently run two advertisements on top of the page, one from Google Adsense (adsense for mobile content) and the other one is from Admob.
Google Mobile Adsense is making a lot more money than Admob, and get also a high CTR.
I recommend you start a mobile version of your website or blog (if you haven’t already) and optimize it to rank well by providing unique and useful content and then monetize your mobile pages, you WILL MAKE MONEY!
Other good new is that Gibni continues to grow and makes more and more money online each month. Google Adsense is a good start up program!

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International financial crisis, bloggers and website owners. Part 1

As you might have already heard there are some serious stuff going on and everyone in the world started to panic about their financial situation.
Well, now the question is that what is really going on and why should you continue to read on? Let me tell you that many HUGE banks around the world are going bankrupt, and governments are trying to help them out. This might sound OK to you, but it shouldn’t because that means everything gonna change very shortly, like a lot of small companies and also big ones might disappear in the months to come, many poor countries will become extremely poor and in trouble, and that might start civil wars, and also governments will start to tax you like they’ve never had!

I’m always an optimist person but this time, after all i saw and all that specialists say, there will be a lot of problems. Some say that China’s plan in this financial crisis is that it will wait until everything gets collapsed and then it will inject huge amounts of money in the market and ask for many things, that is China will become the owner of the world. That doesn’t look scary at all to you; I suppose; but it should!
Well, now let’s talk about what does it have to do with bloggers and internet people? The question is “Will the international financial crisis affect your website or blog income?”
Basically the income of many blogs and websites depend on the advertisers and sponsors, and some of it on the products they sell, if any.
Now if small companies and markets start to go astray, who will pay the website owner and blogger?
To Be Continued…
Comment on this Post to let others know about what you think!

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Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs.
Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE! You have just to build good content and monetize your pages to the best, and the most important is to be patient and try until you get to it!
It took me a long time to get the first payout because I am very busy with my studies at the university and I don’t get enough time to work on the internet, but now that my websites started to produce income, I know that the process will continue; this motivates me to pay more attention to this work.
Well, what I learn is that the best and the more