Windows 7 not booting?

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest Microsoft’s operating system. It’s something made out of Windows XP and Windows Vista. I found it a stable system and the visual effects are pretty cool. Something I do not really appreciate is the User Account Control which pops up everytime you make a system related operation. I disabled the UAC at the first startup.

Windows 7 was released first to computer manufacturers and leaked on the internet. Today, a retail version is available to everyone.

There are a lot of articles on the internet written about the features of Windows 7, its advantages and disadvantages. Lots of webhsites provide information on how to download and/or activate Windows 7. I would strongly recommend you buy a genuine version of Microsoft Windows 7, so you get all the benefits and avoid all problems. (Do not make/use illegal copies)

Windows 7 not booting?

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss a special case of error in which Microsoft Windows 7 does not boot. This specific case happens when you alter the hard disk’s Master Boot Record (MBR). This might usually happen if you tried to use an activator to activate Microsoft Windows 7 (which is an illegal procedure).

There is a simple way to fix this issue. What you need to do is to fix the boot record. This is done using the Windows 7 installation disk.

“Repair Windows 7” steps:

  1. Set your computer to boot up from the DVD (using BIOS setup, or pressing a specific key on the keyboard while your PC is getting on which lets you choose what to boot from.)
  2. Have the DVD inserted when booting the computer,
  3. Press any key to start from the DVD once prompted,
  4. Wait few moments,
  5. Choose language, keyboard layout and click next,
  6. Wait few seconds,
  7. Click on the “Repair your computer” link on the bottom of the appearing window,
  8. It scans for installed operating systems, and tries to fix it if possible, so wait a few seconds,
  9. Then (if unsuccessful), click finish,
  10. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click on “Command Prompt”,
  11. Locate your Windows drive by navigating the hard drive(s), let’s suppose your Windows is installed in “E:”
  12. Type in these commands (and press ENTER after each command) :
    Bootsect /nt60 E: /force /mbr
    Bootrec /FixMbr
    Bootrec /FixBoot
    Bootrec /RebuildBcd

    (More info on BootRec

  13. Remove the DVD and restart your computer.

Your Microsoft Windows should be alive again now!



Windows 7 Installation Error – Solved

Trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate (build 7600), I got the “Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation” error message. I tried the installation once again, but the error kept appearing.

The problem was that I had deleted my old Windows XP, and though I had no operating system on the PC. Fortunately I did burn a copy of ” The Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows” and it saved me a lot of time throught the process.

After searching for the possible solutions, I came to the conclusion that this error did appear regularly on Vista but as the Windows 7 is quite new, there where no clear documentation on how to resolve this problem.

Possible solutions are:

Disk Errors:

  • Run a “CHKDSK X: /F” on your target disk (by replacing X with the proper drive letter)
  • Format the installation target partition with tools like Ultimate Boot CD
  • (WORKING SOLUTION FOR MY CASE) Using the Windows 7 installation wizard, firstly “DELETE” the installation target partition, then “CREATE A NEW” partition, and then with the same wizard, “FORMAT” the partition.

Unattend Setup:

  • If you run an unattended setup, you might face the “Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation” error message, and this is most probably because of improper partitioning information in the “unattend.xml” file.
  • Check “Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation” error on Microsoft knowledge base for details on this scenario.
  • You can also try to remove the “unattend.xml” file and re-burn the source, to proceed with an attended install.

System incompatibility:

  • To make sure that your hardware is not causing this error, I would recommend you remove all uneccessary connected devices, and keep only the strict minimum.
  • Check for the minimum system requirements for Windows 7 on Microsoft’s “Windows 7 minimum system requirements

Installation Source:

It might be possible that the DVD you’re using for the installation be corrupt, so check it once, and if possible, get yourself another installation source.


Invite de commande – Windows XP

“Un interpréteur de commandes, parfois désigné par l’anglicisme shell, est un programme faisant partie des composants de base d’un système d’exploitation, le Command-line interface (CLI) (ou invite de commandes).

C’est le mode de contrôle fondamental d’un ordinateur. Ce dernier prend ses données d’entrées en ligne de commande, qui sont transmises à l’interpréteur en mode interactif.

Son rôle est de traiter les commandes tapées au clavier par l’utilisateur. Ces commandes, une fois interprétées, auront pour effet de réaliser telle ou telle tâche d’administration, ou bien de lancer l’exécution d’un logiciel.

L’invite elle-même consiste en quelques caractères, en début de ligne (généralement, le nom de compte de l’utilisateur, et/ou l’unité logique par défaut, et/ou le chemin par défaut, et/ou date, …), se terminant par un caractère bien connu (souvent « ] » ou « > »), invitant l’utilisateur à taper une commande.” [1]

Ouvrir une “Invite de Commande”

Sur votre clavier, appuyez sur la touch “WINDOWS” (entre ALT et CTRL) et cliquer sur la lettre “R” du clavier.


La fenetre intitulée “Executer” apparaitra,

Tapez “cmd” et cliquez sur “Executer”,

Vous avez maintenant une “Invite de commande” soit un “SHELL”.


[1] –


Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Download Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 recently.

Today, I installedit on my Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, and now it’s been 3 hours I’m testing it.

So far, I’m not so happy with it. It’s a bit slower and does not look so different.

Page formattings are different on IE8, as the same websites on IE7 are better looking! Paraghraph indentation is messed up in IE8.

The new Yahoo! Mail interface does not recognize IE8, and if you try to get in anyway, you won’t be able to read your emails because you can’t access the “folders” as such object is not authorized!


Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311.

Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311

Now You can Download Windows XP SP3 directly from Microsoft!!

That is a standalone service pack 3 update, and is not the whole Windows XP operating system.

I personally do not recommend slipstreaming the service pack, because of few version conflicts on ms dll files.

So just download and install the Service Pack 3 of Windows XP on your system before anyone else!

PLEASE Read throught the article before downloading…

The download link is 


How to create a bootable Windows Vista DVD with WIM files?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?

If you’ve bought Windows Vista online and you received Windows Vista installation files throught Windows Market palce, you’d have some filess of “.wim” and “.exe” extension. Instead of paying extra expedition and delivery charges, you can create your own Windows Vista installation DVD, which would be a Bootable installation DVD as well!

Windows Vista

How to create a Bootable Windows Vista DVD :

  1. Put the 3 downloaded files in the same directory (install.wim, boot.wim and an application X13 – 49120.exe)
  2. For simplicity’s sake, lets suppose you put these files in a new directory named vista_flat under your C: drive. So the directory’s path is “C:\vista_flat\”

  3. Launch the application “X13 – 49120.exe“. The installation wizard will create a new folder called “Vista” next to itself (here the path would be “c:\vista_flat\vista\”) and it will fill it with all the neccessary installation files. This would need about 2.5 GB of space on your hard drive.
  4. Once the extraction finished, the Windows Installation window will appear, please close this window and confirm the cancellation of setup.
  5. Download CDimage from Gibni Downloads. I recommend saving CDimage to your “c:\vista_flat\” directory

  6. Open a command prompt command prompt (browse to the directory where CDimage is located, and execute the following code:
    cdimage.exe -lVISTA_EN_DVD -m -u2 -bC:\vista_flat\Vista\boot\ C:\vista_flat\Vista\ C:\vista_flat\Vistax86.iso
  7. The ISO image file of Windows Vista will be saved in your choosen directoy (here in c:\vista_flat)
  8. Burn Windows Vista ISO file to a blank DVD using a DVD burning software of your choice. You may use Nero or Alcohol 120%. I recommend to use the minimal speed for burning.

You Windows Vista installation DVD is ready!

Download Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

To download Windows Vista, you need 3 files, which are provided by Microsoft. Please note for using Windows Vista or any other protected software, you need legal and valid licence(s).

Download links are on the next page…