MacBook Pro Freeze after RAM upgrade

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My MacBook Pro came with 4GB of RAM, and 320GB of disk drive. The ThunderBolt technology is also available on my MacBook Pro. I decided recently to upgrade the RAM so it can run smoother with heavy softwares.

Why upgrade MacBook’s RAM?

The main reason to upgrade is that  4GB RAM is not enough on a MacBook Pro if you run a virtual machine with Windows and want to do an RAM intensive work with your Mac. With a total of 8GB RAM, the MacBook Pro runs very smooth, even when running a virtual machine with 1.5GB RAM allocated to Windows 7.

I upgraded my MacBook Pro (early 2011) RAM from 4GB with 2 new CORSAIR 4GB modules, so a total of 8GB  of RAM. I recommend you upgrade […]

Gericom Overdose 1360

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Entretien Ordinateur Portable

Il y a quelque jours, j’ai reçu un ordinateur portable Gericom Overdose 1360e pour maintenance, mis à jour et réparation. Première étape consistait a augmenter la RAM, donc j’ai remplacer la RAM par une barrette de 1Go DDR Sodimm. L’entretien du Windows a été un peu long, car après l’installation de Service Pack 3 sur Windows XP Édition Familiale, il a fallut Défragmenter le disque dure…


Un erreur rencontré, était par rapport a la mémoire virtuelle. L’erreur a apparue sur un écran bleu. La solution est de vérifier l’état du fichier PAGEFILE.SYS . Il faut que la taille du fichier PAGEFILE.SYS , soit au moins 1.5 fois la RAM installée. Ceci est a définir dans:gericom_overdose_1360

Buy a Laptop

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You gotta buy one someday… no matter when, you’ll have to know what to buy.

so let me give you some tips and advice,

You got some budget, now you need a reason to buy a laptop,

Suppose you live in a very crowded city and you got a small flat of 90 meters square so you need to use your space as efficient as possible, and you cant waste 5 meter square for a desktop PC,

Or, you are always on the move, and anyway you need to carry a computer with you so better be a laptop instead of a desktop computer!

Another thing is that laptops use batteries, so the power output of the battery is limited and known, but desktop computers […]

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