HTC HD2 broken screen

Last Sunday, just in front of my car, my few months old HTC HD2, fell, bounced and hit the ground by its face and the digitizer (the glass on the screen, not the LED display) broke!

That’s very unlucky, but sh*t happens! I’m writing this post to first of all let you know how great is the HD2, and secondly, how to replace the HTC HD2 screen. I’ll put a video tutorial and some photos if I repair my HD2.

First of all, call your local HTC Repair and ask them their price for the repair.

If it’s more than $150, then you may want to do it yourself.

If you want to replace the HTC HD2 LED and/or Digitizer (Touch Pad) screen, then continue reading…

Buy a combo of the digitizer (Touch pad) and LED Display, pre-assembled.

I’ve read a lot about people braking the LED display while trying to replace the digitizer, so as I will do, I suggest you to replace the whole set, which is the LED display and the digitizer.

Look for the authentic, original, OEM HTC part only. The regular price is somewhere around $100.

Disassembling the HTC HD2 is quite tricky. You should be very careful, have the right tools and be patient.

Check this official HTC HD2 Disassembly Video Tutorial

Once you’ve removed the broken screen, replace it with your new one, and follow this video to assemble the HTC HD2

Official HTC HD2 Assembly video tutorial:

It looks quite easy, but you should know that you can BRICK your phone VERY EASILY.

I take no responsibility for any damage or issue caused to your device.

Here are some more photos of my HTC HD2 broken screen:

This post is under revision and will get updated. Stay tuned.

Search on your favorite search engine for more info on replacing HTC HD2 Screen.