Google Pagerank Dropped! How to solve the issue?

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Gibni PagerankBack in mid-October 2008, Gibni’s page rank dropped suddenly from 2 to 0!  I was little bit confused about how this happened! Anyway, as a new web developer, I had a lot to learn still! I did a lot of research on the topic, and found out that the main problem are the ‘outgoing links’ on my pages! Even if these links were to websites I knew most of them, Google did not appreciate all of them. At start, I decided to forget about the PageRank stuff and keep working on my site. My Alexa ranking was continuously improving and I could sell ads as well as before. So there was no need to worry! Even my pageviews doubled […]

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Mozilla Firefox … Shall I install or not?

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Firefox with an average of 15% of internet users by January 2008, is the next most used Browser on the internet.

You can read complete history and a lot more information on .

I personally have been using Firefox and Internet Explorer for years. Well, both of them have disadvantages and inconveniences, but in overall i’ve been more satisfied with Firefox.

First of all, Firefox is more stable compared to Internet Explorer. As I experienced more crashes and application errors on Internet Explorer, I had very few crashes on Firefox.

From security point of view, I always felt more secure while browsing with Firefox. On Internet Explorer you get a lot of add-ons which cause severe security issues and most of the time cause application crash.

Even spywares are more […]

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Google AdSense temporarily unavailable?

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WTF?! Google Adsense site is down?!

What’s wrong with Google?

I can expect servers going down from every company, but not having secondary servers to serve up the required services is a bit shocking from Google, and mostly from it’s money making program!

Tonight (Tuesday, March 2008, 02:04 France Time) I tried to access my Adsense account, but I got this strange error page:


Google Adsense Logo

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later.
We apologize for any inconvenience.Google AdSense ? web ??????????????
Die Google AdSense-Website ist vorübergehend nicht verfügbar. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.
Wir entschuldigen uns für eventuell enstandene Unannehmlichkeiten.

Le site Google AdSense est temporairement indisponible. Veuillez réessayer plus […]

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