Gericom Overdose 1360

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Entretien Ordinateur Portable

Il y a quelque jours, j’ai reçu un ordinateur portable Gericom Overdose 1360e pour maintenance, mis à jour et réparation. Première étape consistait a augmenter la RAM, donc j’ai remplacer la RAM par une barrette de 1Go DDR Sodimm. L’entretien du Windows a été un peu long, car après l’installation de Service Pack 3 sur Windows XP Édition Familiale, il a fallut Défragmenter le disque dure…


Un erreur rencontré, était par rapport a la mémoire virtuelle. L’erreur a apparue sur un écran bleu. La solution est de vérifier l’état du fichier PAGEFILE.SYS . Il faut que la taille du fichier PAGEFILE.SYS , soit au moins 1.5 fois la RAM installée. Ceci est a définir dans:gericom_overdose_1360

Must have mobile applications – Part 3

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Here’s  “Must have mobile applications” Part 3. Be sure to read the  Intro , the First Part and the Second Part.


Here’s another Symbian file browser which lets you browse all the system folders and drives on your phone. It comes with plugins to let you access your inbox and message folders for easy file transfers from your messages to your phone’s memory card. More details here.

Mobiola Web Camera

If you need to use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam, here’s Mobiola Web Camera, which is very reliable and supports bluetooth, wifi, and even USB cable connection, read more on this in Use you mobile phone as a wireless webcam.

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Must have mobile applications – Part 2

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Here comes the second part of  “Must have mobile applications” articles. Be sure to read the  Intro , and the First Part.

Interactive Voice Call Manager

This application by Mobisophy provides you with tons of features and is one of the best and most reliable call manager applications available on the market. Use this application to record voice conversations (without beep), have a personalized answering machine, send busy tone when you don’t want to answer a call, reply with text message when you’re not available, mute the ringer on scheduled hours and so on…

salling_clicker_icon1 Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker is the ultimate bluetooth remote control from your computer. With Salling Clicker you can use your phone as […]

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Must have mobile applications – Part 1

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Once you’re through the Intro, let’s see the first part on “Must have mobile applications”:

icon_vodafone SFR Vodafone Live (French users)

Download and install the SFR Vodafone Live application, and run the application from your phone to get it updated with the lastest version.

mobitubia_icon MobiTubia

MobiTubia application is one of the best YouTube players available. You can search, watch and save YouTube mmovie clips on your phone. If for any reason MobiTubia is not the right choice for you, I recommend using either YouTube Player or emTube.

Nokia Photo Browser

This is a very easy to use and cool photo browsing application with stunning 3D effects from Nokia […]

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Must have mobile applications – Intro

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Tiered of searching for “useful” mobile applications when you buy a new phone or you just reset your current mobile phone? Searching for the best mediaplayer or photo browser application for your mobile phone? Do you want to access your sms inbox folder on the phone? Do you need a robust GPS application for your mobile phone? Are you searching for the best call manager software to manage, record and answer your calls?


Here’s “TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 4


Today, I’ve formatted, reset and updated my Nokia N95 8GB to the latest firmware available (v.31.0.015), and now, I’m installing the required applications on the phone.

You can install these applications on […]

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Free mobile downloads coming soon!

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After the success Gibni got on the mobile market with all the dear visitors coming from mobile devices, I’ll go one step further and provide free mobile downloads to my dear mobile visitors, and also some posts which will be available only to mobile visitors!
I’m actually working to get free mobile downloads for a lot of devices. And these good stuff go from mobile themes, mobile wallpapers, mobile softwares and applications, mobile games and most important, free mobile ringtones !
There will be software and applications on many topics, ranging from clock and timer tools to GPS applications to internet browsers.
So stay tuned and get your mobile phones ready ;)

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Social Bookmarks for WordPress – Optimized!

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I recently found about that nice plugin, Social Bookmarks 4.0.65 for wordpress.

The plugin is very nice and easy to implement.

But the size of the pictures it includes in the pages/posts, it far beyond what it really need, and that causes higher page loading times! there are a total of 51 png files (icons for different bookmarking sites) and they size around 70 KB!!

I decided to optimize the png files and make them lighter to get faster loading pages.

And I achieved a total size of 13.6 KB which is around five times lighter!

So now, not only the plugin is working very nice, it’s also optimized by me for faster operations.

One more thing to be done is to […]

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Mozilla Firefox … Shall I install or not?

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Firefox with an average of 15% of internet users by January 2008, is the next most used Browser on the internet.

You can read complete history and a lot more information on .

I personally have been using Firefox and Internet Explorer for years. Well, both of them have disadvantages and inconveniences, but in overall i’ve been more satisfied with Firefox.

First of all, Firefox is more stable compared to Internet Explorer. As I experienced more crashes and application errors on Internet Explorer, I had very few crashes on Firefox.

From security point of view, I always felt more secure while browsing with Firefox. On Internet Explorer you get a lot of add-ons which cause severe security issues and most of the time cause application crash.

Even spywares are more […]

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Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311.

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Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311

Now You can Download Windows XP SP3 directly from Microsoft!!

That is a standalone service pack 3 update, and is not the whole Windows XP operating system.

I personally do not recommend slipstreaming the service pack, because of few version conflicts on ms dll files.

So just download and install the Service Pack 3 of Windows XP on your system before anyone else!

PLEASE Read throught the article before downloading…

The download link is  […]

How to create a bootable Windows Vista DVD with WIM files?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?Comment graver un DVD amorçable (Bootable) de Vista avec les fichiers WIM?

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If you’ve bought Windows Vista online and you received Windows Vista installation files throught Windows Market palce, you’d have some filess of “.wim” and “.exe” extension. Instead of paying extra expedition and delivery charges, you can create your own Windows Vista installation DVD, which would be a Bootable installation DVD as well!

Windows Vista

How to create a Bootable Windows Vista DVD :

  1. Put the 3 downloaded files in the same directory (install.wim, boot.wim and an application X13 – 49120.exe)
  2. For simplicity’s sake, lets suppose you put these files in a new directory named vista_flat under your C: drive. So the directory’s path is “C:\vista_flat\”

  3. Launch the application “X13 – 49120.exe“. The installation wizard will create a new folder called “Vista” next to itself […]
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