Amazon Associates is SLOW! – Website Speed Optimization case.

By |2008-04-24T01:32:44+01:00April 24th, 2008|Blogging, Technology, Web Development, Wordpress|

A while back, I tried to run Associates scripts and advertisements on Gibni. Everything looked nice and working. But the problem was that pages used to load very slow.

After a lot of research and studies on how to accelerate the loading speed and make pages load faster, I developed a strategy to implement, after all the tweaking, still there was some lags in loading.

So I came to find that Amazon’s JS files and scripts are VERY HEAVY, and they take a lot of time loading.

I tried to download it from Amazon and run the JS from Gibni’s Server, but the script did not operate correctly.

The size of a JS file, was crossing my 30KB limit! And that […]