Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

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I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs.
Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE! You have just to build good content and monetize your pages to the best, and the most important is to be patient and try until you get to it!
It took me a long time to get the first payout because I am very busy with my studies at the university and I don’t get enough time to work on […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 2

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Design WordPress Template 2In the previous tutorial we talk about designing a wordpress template and some point to keep in mind while designing. We talked about a website being User-Friendly, Search Engine Optimized, Fast to load and Monetized. Let’s continue:

Multi-Browser, Multi-Platform Compatibility:

A well made website is a website that is showing well in different types of browsers, i.e. when you open it in Firefox, it should look as well as it might look in Opera or Internet Explorer; this is a Multi-Browser compatible site.

A website that can adapt its look and functionalities to the platform it is visited from is a multi-platform website. As example, if you browse Gibni from your mobile device, you’ll get a page that is […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 1

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Design WordPress Template
I’ve started to redesign and remake Gibni’s theme. As Gibni’s main technology relies on WordPress, MySQL and PHP, so this post might be useful for many bloggers and for almost every theme designer.
User Friendly:
A lot of readers and visitors complain about Gibni being confusing and they say that they’re “lost”! I agree that the current look is full of information and users might get tiered reading pages. As this is a HUGE drawback a site can have, I’m trying to make the new theme look clean and net and though it will have a bundle of info and widgets and also be monetized; it should be easy to read and very user […]

Google AdSense temporarily unavailable?

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WTF?! Google Adsense site is down?!

What’s wrong with Google?

I can expect servers going down from every company, but not having secondary servers to serve up the required services is a bit shocking from Google, and mostly from it’s money making program!

Tonight (Tuesday, March 2008, 02:04 France Time) I tried to access my Adsense account, but I got this strange error page:


Google Adsense Logo

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later.
We apologize for any inconvenience.Google AdSense ? web ??????????????
Die Google AdSense-Website ist vorübergehend nicht verfügbar. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.
Wir entschuldigen uns für eventuell enstandene Unannehmlichkeiten.

Le site Google AdSense est temporairement indisponible. Veuillez réessayer plus […]

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