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REC – The movie

The latest movie¬† I watched, was “REC”, it’s a Spanish horror movie. Watching the trailer, I was persuaded that I will be buying this movie once it comes on DVD!

The beginning of the movie is a bit uncommon, it’s using the same method as CLOVERFIELD¬† for filming. The camera is shaking all the time and you really feel that you’re “in” the movie, and the horror scenes are really well done. I like these kind of movies.

The story starts with a journalist who’s trying to make a documentary on firemen, and she goes to the fire station with her camera man.

First few minutes are in the fire station, showing how firemen live and work together. The journalist is waiting for the firemen to go on a mission, so that she can film the story…

Watch the trailer for yourself… You can find links on this page on where to buy the DVD…the scariest movie ever.

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I would not recommend this movie for people with heart disease and people who can’t tolerate horror movies. And for those of you who can tolerate, watch it with your friends!

There are rumors about the second part, that is REC 2 to come out soon, but I can’t confirm anything as of now…