TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 1

Symbian OS

The Nokia N95 8GB, is a Symbian S60 3rd Generation, Featured Pack 1 (v.9.1) phone. It’s a BB5 type.Here’s a list of applications you can install on nokia N95 which I have tested and they are said to be stable and working.

1- Landscape Pro : It’s an application which uses the inbuilt accelerometer to detect when you rotate the phone and it rotates the screen respectively. It operates on 0, 90 and 270 degrees rotation. The version 2.0 is the latest till date and is a stable version. Read the post about Landscape Pro 2.0 for more info.

2- RotateMe v2.0 : A screen rotator application again, the only limitation is that it works only on 0 and -90 degree rotation, it doesn’t support 270 degree rotation (‘yet’ i hope :D! ) this software is developped by Samir, and is free to download at his website. The installation goes very easy through the Nokia PC Suite and you can run the application as a system application where it hides itself from the task list.

3- Handy Taskman 2.0 : A ‘task manager’ style application which lets you see running processes and clos or kill unwanted or hung ones. It shows available system RAM and memory status. A very neat and stable application.

Visit the website to get this application :

4- Office Suite 4.5 : As the name says, it’s a office package which allows you to open and edit Word documents, Excel documents and PowerPoint Presentations.

Visit for more info.

5- Agile Messenger : One of the best applications which lets you connect to IM services like Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger (Live Messenger), Google Talk, ICQ and AOL (AIM) from your mobile phone. It’s very stable and easy to use.

Visit to get the free trial Agile Messenger.

I’ll post 5 more applications in the next post about Symbian Apps.


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