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I bought the Nokia N95 8GB two days ago, and i’m can’t get my hands off it! Every thing is so fine in this handset!

Mine is a branded one, with SFR France. I got a Nokia BH-201 Bluetooth Headset too.

The Handset comes with wired headset, a wall charger, TV cable, USB cable, a manual and Spider Man 3 movie preloaded on the 8GB memory! The camera got a perfect quality and takes very clear photos.

The phone connects by different methods to the computer, either Data transfer where the 8GB memory is recognized as a memory drive (flash disk) or PC Suite method which is used to install softwares and updates and use the Nokia PC Suite functions, or the Media Player Method and the Print method.

I got some issues and resolved them which I will explain here.

N95 Bluetooth headset disables loudspeaker issue:

I Loaded some music to the 8GB memory and the sound quality was so clear and perfect. I paired the bluetooth headset and set the music to play on the headset, but when I tried to disconnect the bluetooth headset, the loudspeaker was no more working! and the sound came out from the small ear piece we use for phone calls!! and the only way to get the music to play on the loudspeaker was to reboot (restart) the phone, which is a lot of pain!

I googled to find a solution, but the only thing was to update the firmware…

Nokia Software Updater Installation issue:

Well I had Nokia PC Suite installed, and to update the firmware I needed the NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER, I got the latest version from Nokia website, but when I tried to install it, i got a error message:

Error 1720: There is a problem with this Windows installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor . Custom action Kill_process script error -2147221020,: Line 5 , Column 1, “

I searched and there was no clear answer to how to resolve this problem. Although, I reinstalled Windows Installer, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Host Scrip 5.6, and Java Platform SE 6 and even tried to re-register VBScript’s dll, but nothing seemed to work!

The best thing i found to do was to test on another machine, well, I got VMware Workstation 6 and I created a new and fresh installation of Windows XP SP2 (Updates integrated till September 2007). On the virtual machine, I got Nokia Software Updater installed very easily and without any problem on the virtual machine! And as there’s no problem connecting my N95 8GB to the usb port of VMware,  and the network configuration of the virtual machine was NAT, so, there’s nothing else to worry about.

But, if you ask my opinion on Nokia Software Updater error message, i think there’s something wrong in windows’ dlls or maybe some conflict with ATI graphic cards. I don’t know exactly, neither does Nokia!!

No Updates Available For Your Phone issue:

Well, till know everything got in order, I connected the phone on PC SUITE mode to the USB port (having the virtual machine running and on top of other windows.) The phone got connected and showed up in the virtual machine. I ran Nokia Software Updater, It got connected to the phone, identified it, and said “THERE’s NO UPDATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PHONE” !!!!!

It shows that the Firmware version is V10.0.021, but after my researches on the net, for the Nokia N95 8GB, the latest firmware version published by Nokia is V15.0.015 ! which is a lot different than the number shown on my handset!!

On Nokia’s website, you can check the latest version of firmware available to your handset by giving the product code. I did that and the page said that my product code is invalid.

To check if there is an update available and what is the latest version check on Nokia:

I found that Unbranded phones get the updates first and branded ones will be the last if ever!

I believe that there’s always a way, even if it’s hard to find, it exists.

So the way is to “Change N95 8GB Product Code”.

To chang a handset’s product code, you should be aware that it will VOID YOUR WARRANTY! So be warned, and I take NO RESPONSIBILITIES in case you “brick” your phone!

There’s a software, NEMESIS SERVICE SUITE (NSS) which makes this possible.

But you should know what is your current Product code, if there’s really no updates available to you, whether your carrier will provide you with updates, if you are ready to take all responsibilities and at the end, What to change it to?

To know your product code, turn you phone off, open the back cover and remove the battery, you’ll see a number in the format: 0520001. Note that down, cause you may want to put it back when the update is done.

Here’s a list of available N95 8GB product code, but be sure to choose the right country where you purchased the phone:

(Note: These product codes are only for “Nokia N95 8GB” handset, DO NOT TRY ON OTHER MODELS)

N95 8GB product codes
0550348 – FRANCE
0550352 – ALPS
0549487 – EURO1
0550359 – EURO2
0550370 – TURKEY
0550373 – BALTIAN
0550798 – RUSSIAN
0550799 – UKRAINE
0550375 – CIS, Bulgaria
0550378 – EURO3
0550379 – BALKANS
0550801 – GREECE, CYPROS
0550802 – ISRAEL
0555180 – SINGAPORE
0555181 – MALAYSIA
0550455 – INDONESIA
0550454 – NEW ZEALAND
0550453 – AUSTRALIA
0550459 – THAILAND
0550457 – VIETNAM
0557980 – HONG KONG / CHINA
0557877 – MALASIA
0550388 – AFRICA (NIGERIA)

N95 8GB Operator Specific codes

0558166 – SFR France

Ok, Now that you have your initial product code, and you have chosen the right one from the list above, let’s proceed…

Disconnect your phone from the PC (if connected)

Install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

Open up NSS,

Connect your phone to the PC in PC Suite mode an immediately in NSS, click the Scan for new device button on the top right side.

Go to “Phone Info” (second button from left)

On the middle of the application’s window, click the ‘Scan’ button (in the Action section).


When you get your phone info on the left pane, click the “Read” button.


Then, next to your product code, CHECK the Enable button,

replace the product code with the one you chose from the list above, and click “Write”.


Then, click on “Read” again to check if the product code change was successfull. Then, disconnect your phone from the PC.

WARNING::::Be warned! All your programs will be deleted, and so will be all your personal settings and contacts and themes which are on the internal phone memory.So Backup all your contacts, images, music and files which are stored on the phone’s internal memory to your PC or the 8GB memory. this can be done through the memory settings from the phone itself.

Now, Close NSS and start the Nokia Software Updater, connect again your phone on PC Suite mode and keep the internet connected, and plug the wall charger and put your phone on charge. MAKE SURE THERE WILL BE NO CONNECTION ISSUES OR POWER FAILURE ISSUES EITHER FOR YOUR COMPUTER, USB CABLE AND YOUR PHONE!!

Nokia Software Updater will download the update which is around 110 MB and then, it will apply it to the phone which will take around 10 to 15 minutes. At the end, the phone will restart and it will be updated.

Ok, The firmware is updated, and what remains is to put back the product code to its original state. Use NSS again as explaineed above, and set the product code to the original product code of your N95 8GB.

Please note that after setting the original product you should not try to update the firmware through Nokia Software Updater.

Please read these before proceeding:

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