Must have mobile applications – Intro

Tiered of searching for “useful” mobile applications when you buy a new phone or you just reset your current mobile phone? Searching for the best mediaplayer or photo browser application for your mobile phone? Do you want to access your sms inbox folder on the phone? Do you need a robust GPS application for your mobile phone? Are you searching for the best call manager software to manage, record and answer your calls?


Here’s “TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 4


Today, I’ve formatted, reset and updated my Nokia N95 8GB to the latest firmware available (v.31.0.015), and now, I’m installing the required applications on the phone.

You can install these applications on your phone and be ready to go too. Just note that I installed these applications on Nokia N95 8GB with Symbian OS even though other versions might be available.


Backup your Phone

Backup your phone! This is NECESSARY! You do not want to loose anything when trying new stuff on your phone. Details on how to backup your phone’s memory are available at

I recommend that you backup your memory card too.

softwareUpdate-48Update your firmware (If needed and available)

It’s recommended to use the latest firmware available for your phone. Even though this is not essential, but it might help solving many bugs and errors in the system and the software. For updating your phone, read Update Your Nokia Phone.

drive-backup-48x48 Restore your backups

If you have formatted your memory card, or updated your firmware, you need to restore your backup(s) to get your personal stuff back on the phone.

You need to restore your backup data either from your computer or your phone’s mass memory. These backup data contain your Contacts, Settings, Notes, Messages …

settings_48-48Set your Settings

Get your GPRS, WAP, MMS and all other configurations from your mobile operator (usually, you can use your operator’s website to get more information)

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Installing the stated applications stated, and using them, might require a large amount of data transfer over the internet from your phone, be aware of the connection fees that may apply to you by your mobile operator.