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Make money online with your mobile website

I wish you a happy new year 2009!
This year’s first post is about the mobile version of your website/blog. As some of you might know already, has a mobile version which shows up when you access the site ( from a mobile device like your phone.
Gibni detects and recognizes automatically the device you’re using, and serves appropiate content for your screen and device or browser capabilities.
Gibni currently runs on WordPress 2.7, and the mobile version of the site is provided by Mobile Press.
Thanks to this wonderful plugin, Gibni is running very well on mobile devices, and from an admin point of view, there’s no conflict with caching plugins.Gibni Mobile Screenshot
Previously I used to have other plugins on Gibni to provide mobile versions of the pages but there were always issues with caching capabilities.
I never thought that Gibni would get mobile visitors, but I was really impressed when I saw the analytics reports for Decembre 2008! The mobile version got around 2500 visitors! And that made me think of developing more features in the mobile sections, and post more articles on mobile subjects and subjects that will be useful to mobile users.
And thankfully, this year starts very well, in just 7 days, the mobile version of Gibni recieved around 600 happy visitors, and growing.
The advantage of  Mobile Press, is that you can easily edit the template files and create your own theme or modify the beautiful existing themes. By editing a theme, I added advertisements to the mobile version of Gibni, and let me tell you, it makes a lot more than what I expected it to do!!
I currently run two advertisements on top of the page, one from Google Adsense (adsense for mobile content) and the other one is from Admob.
Google Mobile Adsense is making a lot more money than Admob, and get also a high CTR.
I recommend you start a mobile version of your website or blog (if you haven’t already) and optimize it to rank well by providing unique and useful content and then monetize your mobile pages, you WILL MAKE MONEY!
Other good new is that Gibni continues to grow and makes more and more money online each month. Google Adsense is a good start up program!

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