Landscape Pro version 2.0

LandscapePro 2.0The N95 made a huge success. If you got an N95, you probably know about the accelerometer inside. And probably heard about applications which rotate the screen when you turn the phone horizontally or vertically.

Landscape Pro, is one of such applications which works great, but’s not perfectly matched yet with Nokia N95 or the N95 8GB.

The previous version I installed on my phone, which was version 1.2, had some issues that I told the programmer about.

here’s the email conversation I had with him:

Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 05:52:11 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: Landscape Pro Issues on N95 8GB
To: [email protected]

I got the demo version of Landscape Pro signed and installed on my new Nokia N95 8GB version.
After 5 days of testing the software; there are some issues that you should know about so you can correct them in the final and commercial release.
1. When in ‘Keypad Locked’ mode, the software still rotates the screen and causes the Power saver animation to go away. and if the power saver is set to “Date and Time”, after a while, if landscape is enabled; the time and date disappear and only a blank white bar remains on the screen.
2. In camera mode, when the phone rotated 270 degrees, landscape rotates the screen respectively, but if the phone rotates back to its initial state, the menus and buttons on the screen get back to their inital and right state, but the picture (camera view) gets up-side-down!
3. When rotating the phone from either sides to the standing position, the sensitivity is not set correctly and either it takes some times for the application to recognize the position, or i have to shake the phone fot the app. to recognize the standing status!
4. I believe that in SMS writing mode, the app should not rotate the screen as the keypad is below the screen and there is no use in rotating the screen as it might get the user confused.
5. In music player mode, when rotated to 270 degrees, the buttons (for Play/Pause, Stop, Forward and Previous) get confused and messed up so that i can’t really use the functions in 270 degrees.
6. even in the menu, when rotated to 270 degrees, the buttons are not working correctly.
in conclusion, I believe you sould re-view your software and maybe use ideas from other developpers.
Well, I will be happy to help you in your project as a tester on N95 8GB, and even in publicizing your software on my blog.
Please consider writing my name and site address if you give and use the information i gave you.

And here’s his reply:

Thank you for your suggestion. I will solve it before release day maybe end of February. The six comments that you give me, i will try to slove its. Around middle of February i will send the beta version to you.

Thank you for interested in my application.


Well, recently I got an email from Sarawut containing the beta version of Landscape Pro version 2.0, which has a lot of improvments and is more stable and more efficient than the previous one. But it’s still having minor issues like the screen saver problem, and the keys are not perfectly working on 270 degrees rotation.
This release is for test and Sarawut asked me not to share it yet. If you want to get the test version, which works great too, consider donating to the project and you’ll be amongst the first ones to get the latest version.
Visit the website at :