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HTC Desire HD vs. HTC HD2 Photos

Here are some photos of the HTC Desire HD. It has released to the market, here in France, on 2 Novembre 2010.
You can see that the HTC Desire HD is a bit bigger than the HTC HD2, and a bit thicker too! The screen it really fantastic! Great resolution and a real HD. It runs Android and has in-built SRS audio and an 8 MP camera.

I took the photos of HTC Desire HD next to me new HTC HD2. You can compare the size of these two monster phones!

Photo 1: On the left, HTC HD2, with Windows Mobile, and on the right, HTC Desire HD with Android. HTC Desire HD, is not very easy to take in hand.

Photo 2: Backside shot, Left side HTC Desire HD and on the right side, HTC HD2.

Photo 3:  Thickness compare: Desire HD (right side) is THICKER than HD2 (left side)

I would definitely choose the HTC HD2 between these two phones!

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