HTC Desire HD vs. HTC HD2 Photos

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Here are some photos of the HTC Desire HD. It has released to the market, here in France, on 2 Novembre 2010.
You can see that the HTC Desire HD is a bit bigger than the HTC HD2, and a bit thicker too! The screen it really fantastic! Great resolution and a real HD. It runs Android and has in-built SRS audio and an 8 MP camera.

I took the photos of HTC Desire HD next to me new HTC HD2. You can compare the size of these two monster phones!

Photo 1: On the left, HTC HD2, with Windows Mobile, and on the right, HTC Desire HD with Android. HTC Desire HD, is not very easy to take in hand.

Unique Wallpapers by VladStudio

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Tarsier Wallpaper -VladStudio

Been quite some time I frequently check for his Unique and beautiful wallpapers.

The normal version of the wallpapers are free and available to everyone, but you can get high quality ones even versions for dual monitor at a very low price, and I believe it’s really worth it!

Go ahead and check his works:

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