Coco – Le nouveau film de Gad Elmaleh

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Gad Elmaleh, le 4ieme comédien le plus aimer en France, vient de réaliser son premier film après deux ans de travail. Gad le comédien Marocain-Français, a fait un grand succès dans sa carriere. Les plus connues ‘One Man Show’ de Gad sont “La Vie Normale” , “L’autre c’est moi”, et le tout dernier, “Papa est en haut”.
Voici les vidéos que j’ai préparer pour vous concernant le film COCO. Il-y-a des interviews réalisés par d’autres site internet comme, où Gad donne plus d’informations sur son film et parle du personnage principale du filme Coco, Monsieur COCO!
Les bandes annonces sont aussi très intéressantes, et très promettant.coco_gad_elmaleh
Gad se deplace personellement pour la promo du film Coco et participe à des soirée avec […]

What is RSS?

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Have you ever asked yourself about the orange button like this one:rss_feed_icon which you see on a lot of websites these days?
Ever heard of the word RSS? I bet you’ve been invited many times by website owners and bloggers to “Subscribe” to their “feeds”! And you asked yourself “What is (s)he talking about!?”
So I’ve decided to put up a video which explains RSS and subscribtion in pictures! This is a very easy to understand and friendly movie clip.
The movie is created by CommonCraft . Checking up their website, I was amazed that only two people are working in this company and they do such a great work! They work from home it seems, and they worked for big companies […]

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REC – The movie

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The latest movie  I watched, was “REC”, it’s a Spanish horror movie. Watching the trailer, I was persuaded that I will be buying this movie once it comes on DVD!

The beginning of the movie is a bit uncommon, it’s using the same method as CLOVERFIELD  for filming. The camera is shaking all the time and you really feel that you’re “in” the movie, and the horror scenes are really well done. I like these kind of movies.

The story starts with a journalist who’s trying to make a documentary on firemen, and she goes to the fire station with her camera man.

First few minutes are in the fire station, showing how firemen live and work together. The journalist is waiting for the firemen to go on a mission, so that […]

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