HTC HD2 broken screen

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Last Sunday, just in front of my car, my few months old HTC HD2, fell, bounced and hit the ground by its face and the digitizer (the glass on the screen, not the LED display) broke!

That’s very unlucky, but sh*t happens! I’m writing this post to first of all let you know how great is the HD2, and secondly, how to replace the HTC HD2 screen. I’ll put a video tutorial and some photos if I repair my HD2.

First of all, call your local HTC Repair and ask them their price for the repair.

If it’s more than $150, then you may want to do it yourself.

If you want to replace the HTC HD2 LED and/or Digitizer (Touch Pad) […]

Quel opérateur téléphonique ne pas choisir?

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La hausse de TVA chez votre opérateur vous a permis de résilier votre contrat mobile? Vous voulez prendre votre premier forfait téléphonique chez un opérateur? Votre abonnement viens d’être fini, et vous chercher à renouveler ou à changer d’opérateur?

Sur beaucoup de sites on vous conseil quel opérateur téléphonique choisir, mais ici je vous dirais le(s) quels NE PAS choisir, et pourquoi!

Pour ceux qui sont préssés: Evitez SFR! Ne choisissez pas SFR!

Il y a près de 30 mois, j’ai pris un forfait avec mon Nokia N95 8GB (qui vient de tomber en panne!) chez un des “meilleurs” opérateurs de téléphone portable. Aujourd’hui je regrette vraiment d’avoir choisi cet opérateur, et je veut vous éviter cette erreur. […]

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GPS Garmin pour mobile: Garmin Mobile XT sur HTC HD2 et téléphones Windows Mobile

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Installez l'application GPS pour mobile, Garmin Mobile XT, sur Windows Mobile, sur HTC HD2 et autre téléphones mobiles. Utilisez le module GPS de votre smartphone, et laissez vous guidé...Bon voyage!

HTC Desire HD vs. HTC HD2 Photos

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Here are some photos of the HTC Desire HD. It has released to the market, here in France, on 2 Novembre 2010.
You can see that the HTC Desire HD is a bit bigger than the HTC HD2, and a bit thicker too! The screen it really fantastic! Great resolution and a real HD. It runs Android and has in-built SRS audio and an 8 MP camera.

I took the photos of HTC Desire HD next to me new HTC HD2. You can compare the size of these two monster phones!

Photo 1: On the left, HTC HD2, with Windows Mobile, and on the right, HTC Desire HD with Android. HTC Desire HD, is not very easy to take in hand.

Apple iPad Review

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After all those rumors on iSlate, iTab, etc, at last the Apple’s tablet official information came out. iPad is the real name! After a tour on Apple’s website, comes few points:


iPad Advantages?

iPad seems to be the next best thing after iPhone, but compared to iPhone,


  • it’s got a bigger screen,
  • great touch-screen technology,
  • faster processor,
  • more storage space,
  • ambient light sensor,
  • and few little details…
  • Cool design,
  • iPad Applications
  • Classy,

But as far as it goes with the details on Apple, there aren’t many advantages to iPad.


iPad, a laptop or a HUGE iPhone?

iPad is definitely not a laptop and neither a netbook, it’s 9.7 inches big screen, it gets close to 10 inches netbooks but the fact that it […]

Must have mobile applications – Intro

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Tiered of searching for “useful” mobile applications when you buy a new phone or you just reset your current mobile phone? Searching for the best mediaplayer or photo browser application for your mobile phone? Do you want to access your sms inbox folder on the phone? Do you need a robust GPS application for your mobile phone? Are you searching for the best call manager software to manage, record and answer your calls?


Here’s “TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 4


Today, I’ve formatted, reset and updated my Nokia N95 8GB to the latest firmware available (v.31.0.015), and now, I’m installing the required applications on the phone.

You can install these applications on […]

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Use your mobile phone as a wireless webcam

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Yes! It’s very possible to have a wireless webcam if you have a mobile phone with a camera and a bluetooth connection.

Having a bulky USB webcam with that annoying USB cable when you are on the go, with your laptop, is not always the best thing to happen to you. That’s when a wireless webcam comes in handy. wireless webcam

Talking about wireless webcams, if you’ve ever thought of it, and searched about, you know that they cost a minimum of 100 USD, and are most of the time bulky, need power supply, and are relying on a network.

Now, you can have a good wireless webcam almost for free if you’ve got a mobile […]

Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia E71 and N95 (Internal GPS supported)

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Garmin Inc. provides very useful and interesting GPS solutions. Garmin Mobile XT is a software which is designed for mobile phones and provides GPS navigation on the go!

Basically, you should buy a Garmin GPS Reciever and the software provided together to use Garmin products.

On the Nokia E71 and ( N95 8GB ) you can install the Garmin Mobile XT (version 5.00.40 as of today) and use the internal GPS and/or the A-GPS intergrated on the Nokia Phones.

STEP ONE: First thing to do is to get Garmin Mobile XT software for your device. Go to Garmin Mobile XT website, and download the right version for your phone.

Once you downloaded the installation files, connect your phone on the USB DATA […]

Free mobile downloads coming soon!

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After the success Gibni got on the mobile market with all the dear visitors coming from mobile devices, I’ll go one step further and provide free mobile downloads to my dear mobile visitors, and also some posts which will be available only to mobile visitors!
I’m actually working to get free mobile downloads for a lot of devices. And these good stuff go from mobile themes, mobile wallpapers, mobile softwares and applications, mobile games and most important, free mobile ringtones !
There will be software and applications on many topics, ranging from clock and timer tools to GPS applications to internet browsers.
So stay tuned and get your mobile phones ready ;)

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Make money online with your mobile website

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I wish you a happy new year 2009!
This year’s first post is about the mobile version of your website/blog. As some of you might know already, has a mobile version which shows up when you access the site ( from a mobile device like your phone.
Gibni detects and recognizes automatically the device you’re using, and serves appropiate content for your screen and device or browser capabilities.
Gibni currently runs on WordPress 2.7, and the mobile version of the site is provided by Mobile Press.
Thanks to this wonderful plugin, Gibni is running very well on mobile devices, and from an admin point of view, there’s no conflict with caching plugins.Gibni Mobile Screenshot
Previously I used […]

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