ESXI: Move VM between hosts

Here is a “how-to” to move VMs between ESXi hosts without vCenter and completely for FREE: Here is the scenario: We have two ESXi hosts: “esxi-old” and “esxi-new” like below: We want our VMs (here webserver, devFactory and database) to be copied (or you may call it moved/migrated) to the “esxi-new” host.   Follow these […]

How to install OVFTOOL on Debian Wheezy

You need to download the right version (64bit or 32 bit, .bundle file) of ovftool from vmware: Click here to download ofvtool (!) You need to register for a free vmware account.   If you have a graphical (GUI) debian wheezy, open up “Root Terminal” from accessories menu, Browse to the directory where you downloaded […]

[Solved] Joomla 3.0 admin radio switch buttons do not display their state

If you are using Joomla 3.0 with the ISIS administrator template, and have installed some modules and themes like JA T3 Framework or GANTRY Framework, you might notice that radio switch buttons in your administration panel do not show their state. Here is a screenshot of how settings “Hide / Show” buttons might show: This […]

Alternative PHP Cache, APC, on GoDaddy Hosting

As I said earlier, Godaddy is implementing APC ( a great cache functionality) on its shared hosting plans. In a recent contact I had with them, it looks like the launch day is tomorrow. Till now, Godaddy disabled (by default) this extension for clients using actually Zend and Ioncube; good choice; as these 3 extensions […]

Optimize your CS-Cart store

Faster websites get better SEO scores and get better indexes in search engines, a Google employee once said “Website should be fast”, your visitors will agree, trust me.
Faster and optimized eCommerce websites do sell more than 40% more than slower ones, just because they are faster. You “will” agree once you see the money come 😉 trust me.

Set cookie domain for CS-Cart

If your are using CS-Cart eCommerce software, you might need to configure CS-Cart to set its cookies to a specific domain or subdomain. To do this, you need to modify a bit the “CORE” of CS-Cart. Edit the file : <CS-CART_ROOT>/core/fn.common.php Around lines 2035 to 2044, you will find the fn_set_cookie() function, Modify the last […]

GoDaddy Down

Well, there are lots of news about being down, now more than 4 hours, but the question is: How will compensate the losses?!People hosting their websites on servers, and its resellers, lost lots of money in this outage.“Over 50 local Myrtle Beach hotels that use GoDaddy services through Fuel Interactive could be […]

GPS Garmin pour mobile: Garmin Mobile XT sur HTC HD2 et téléphones Windows Mobile

Installez l’application GPS pour mobile, Garmin Mobile XT, sur Windows Mobile, sur HTC HD2 et autre tĂ©lĂ©phones mobiles. Utilisez le module GPS de votre smartphone, et laissez vous guidĂ©…Bon voyage!

[Resolved] WordPress : Custom Fields not working and not getting updated issue

Time solves your problems I’ve had a problem with WordPress last 3 months, and at last, I found the solution. Here is the story: WordPress Custom Fields WordPress posts have meta data (Custom Fields) where additional information on the post are stored. For example the featured image, number of views, comments count, keywords, SEO description and so […]