Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

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I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs.
Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE! You have just to build good content and monetize your pages to the best, and the most important is to be patient and try until you get to it!
It took me a long time to get the first payout because I am very busy with my studies at the university and I don’t get enough time to work on […]

WordPress… To The Core!

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Back from vacations, it’s been a long time since I’ve written my latest article.
As some of you might know, I’m actually working on a new theme design for Gibni, which is supposed to be much more faster and Search Engine Optimized than the current theme (Prince Blog Theme I).
Good to know that the present online theme gets a 97% SEO Score! And it takes almost 10 seconds to load on a medium speed connection for the first time you visit the site and less than 4 seconds to load in the next visits.
I got some news about the next theme! I’m working on a “Featured Articles” carousel, which will get the most visited articles on the top of […]

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Latest WordPress version: 2.6

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Finally,  it got released! It’s been a long time I’m waiting for this version to get released as I didn’t want to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.5.1.Wordpress 2.6

Today I found out that WordPress 2.6 has been released and immediately upgraded

The first new feature I saw in my Dashboard, is the “Turbo”, at the top right corner of the page. What Turbo does is that it uses Google’s new technology, called Gears, to accelerate the website and make pages and content load faster. This requires Google Gears to be installed on your browser. Well, this takes almost no time to install, and helps a lot in accelerating the site.

The next one, […]

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Design a WordPress Template – Part 2

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Design WordPress Template 2In the previous tutorial we talk about designing a wordpress template and some point to keep in mind while designing. We talked about a website being User-Friendly, Search Engine Optimized, Fast to load and Monetized. Let’s continue:

Multi-Browser, Multi-Platform Compatibility:

A well made website is a website that is showing well in different types of browsers, i.e. when you open it in Firefox, it should look as well as it might look in Opera or Internet Explorer; this is a Multi-Browser compatible site.

A website that can adapt its look and functionalities to the platform it is visited from is a multi-platform website. As example, if you browse Gibni from your mobile device, you’ll get a page that is […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 1

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Design WordPress Template
I’ve started to redesign and remake Gibni’s theme. As Gibni’s main technology relies on WordPress, MySQL and PHP, so this post might be useful for many bloggers and for almost every theme designer.
User Friendly:
A lot of readers and visitors complain about Gibni being confusing and they say that they’re “lost”! I agree that the current look is full of information and users might get tiered reading pages. As this is a HUGE drawback a site can have, I’m trying to make the new theme look clean and net and though it will have a bundle of info and widgets and also be monetized; it should be easy to read and very user […]

Amazon Associates is SLOW! – Website Speed Optimization case.

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A while back, I tried to run Associates scripts and advertisements on Gibni. Everything looked nice and working. But the problem was that pages used to load very slow.

After a lot of research and studies on how to accelerate the loading speed and make pages load faster, I developed a strategy to implement, after all the tweaking, still there was some lags in loading.

So I came to find that Amazon’s JS files and scripts are VERY HEAVY, and they take a lot of time loading.

I tried to download it from Amazon and run the JS from Gibni’s Server, but the script did not operate correctly.

The size of a JS file, was crossing my 30KB limit! And that […]

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How to build a Website / Blog – A successful and perfect One – Part 1

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Well, in these tutorials, I’ll explain how you can start your own blog/website, how to analyze it, how to optimize it, how to update it, how to market it, how to make profit out of it and how to make it a successful project!
Either you are a student, a university professor, a beginner web developer/designer, a business man, a flowers’ passionate, a restaurant chef or what ever else, and you want to start a website/blog to promote your business, your passion, or inform people about the dangers of global warming or the doom’s day prophecy, or help people rise money for their education, or what ever goal you have, I will help you on developing […]

Hitting 10K pageviews per month!

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Minutes ago, Gibni got the 10 000 pageviews per month record! I’m very happy to have so many readers from all around the world.
And very happy that more than 80% pf this traffic is comming from search engines, even without me buying any keywords anywhere!! (yet)
I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you dear readers.
I hope you like my blog and will tell about it to your friends, or even better, blog about my blog for your readers.

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Social Bookmarks for WordPress – Optimized!

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I recently found about that nice plugin, Social Bookmarks 4.0.65 for wordpress.

The plugin is very nice and easy to implement.

But the size of the pictures it includes in the pages/posts, it far beyond what it really need, and that causes higher page loading times! there are a total of 51 png files (icons for different bookmarking sites) and they size around 70 KB!!

I decided to optimize the png files and make them lighter to get faster loading pages.

And I achieved a total size of 13.6 KB which is around five times lighter!

So now, not only the plugin is working very nice, it’s also optimized by me for faster operations.

One more thing to be done is to […]

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