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WordPress… To The Core!

Back from vacations, it’s been a long time since I’ve written my latest article.
As some of you might know, I’m actually working on a new theme design for Gibni, which is supposed to be much more faster and Search Engine Optimized than the current theme (Prince Blog Theme I).
Good to know that the present online theme gets a 97% SEO Score! And it takes almost 10 seconds to load on a medium speed connection for the first time you visit the site and less than 4 seconds to load in the next visits.
I got some news about the next theme! I’m working on a “Featured Articles” carousel, which will get the most visited articles on the top of the first page. To make that possible, I’ve gone deep inside wordpress, and I edited the core! Now, with a standard wordpress query, I can get the posts ordered by their views count.
This is very useful when you cannot find a plugin which does this job neatly and fastly.
With this method, I limit the SQL requests and obviously, the page loads faster.
I’ll keep you updated on the developpment of the new theme, and also the new WordPress!
I never thought I could even understand the core of wordpress, but now I am adding “in-built” features to WordPress!