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Recieving My First Google Adsense Payout!

I finally recieved my first Google Adsense Payout! It’s my first payout on the internet! This encouages me to do better and try to write more useful articles and build better websites and blogs.
Now I can confirm you that “IT WORKS”! This is to let all new bloggers and website owners know that THEY CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE! You have just to build good content and monetize your pages to the best, and the most important is to be patient and try until you get to it!
It took me a long time to get the first payout because I am very busy with my studies at the university and I don’t get enough time to work on the internet, but now that my websites started to produce income, I know that the process will continue; this motivates me to pay more attention to this work.
Well, what I learn is that the best and the more content you make, the best results you’ll get!
I’m also excited to let you know that a new theme will be installed very soon on Gibni, I recommend advertisers to get in touch to know more about the available ad spots, and I promise users that they will have a better and more enjoyable experience with the new upcoming theme.
The upcoming theme is in beta version now and might get online in the next few days.
If you wanna start making money with your website or blog, just subscribe to my RSS feeds and you’ll get updates on how I did and what I’ll do to make more money and attract more traffic.
So far, I’ve written few articles about Web Optimizing, and also page monetizing, just surf on Gibni to see these articles, I hope they’ll be useful to you, and more articles are to come shortly as the real work just got started!
Do not forget that Gibni started from ZERO, with NO BUDGET! and now IS MAKING MONEY! so you can too!

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