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International financial crisis, bloggers and website owners. Part 1

As you might have already heard there are some serious stuff going on and everyone in the world started to panic about their financial situation.
Well, now the question is that what is really going on and why should you continue to read on? Let me tell you that many HUGE banks around the world are going bankrupt, and governments are trying to help them out. This might sound OK to you, but it shouldn’t because that means everything gonna change very shortly, like a lot of small companies and also big ones might disappear in the months to come, many poor countries will become extremely poor and in trouble, and that might start civil wars, and also governments will start to tax you like they’ve never had!

I’m always an optimist person but this time, after all i saw and all that specialists say, there will be a lot of problems. Some say that China’s plan in this financial crisis is that it will wait until everything gets collapsed and then it will inject huge amounts of money in the market and ask for many things, that is China will become the owner of the world. That doesn’t look scary at all to you; I suppose; but it should!
Well, now let’s talk about what does it have to do with bloggers and internet people? The question is “Will the international financial crisis affect your website or blog income?”
Basically the income of many blogs and websites depend on the advertisers and sponsors, and some of it on the products they sell, if any.
Now if small companies and markets start to go astray, who will pay the website owner and blogger?
To Be Continued…
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