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Google Pagerank Dropped! How to solve the issue?

Gibni PagerankBack in mid-October 2008, Gibni’s page rank dropped suddenly from 2 to 0!  I was little bit confused about how this happened! Anyway, as a new web developer, I had a lot to learn still! I did a lot of research on the topic, and found out that the main problem are the ‘outgoing links’ on my pages! Even if these links were to websites I knew most of them, Google did not appreciate all of them. At start, I decided to forget about the PageRank stuff and keep working on my site. My Alexa ranking was continuously improving and I could sell ads as well as before. So there was no need to worry! Even my pageviews doubled after a while!
I was in the process of optimizing my site that this pagerank drop happened. Once I finished my work, I went on checking all those links and decided to put a NOFOLLOW rel tag to almost all outgoing links on my site. Some of you may not approve this, but I believe that NoFollow is a good thing when it comes to improving the Internet content quality, mostly from search engines point of view.
Once I solved the rel tag issue for my links, I asked Google for ‘reconsideration’, explaining them that I was still learning and now I am aware of their quality guidelines, and I fixed the issues on my site. This was one month after the PageRank Drop!
Two or three days later, my PageRank went back to 2 again! I was surprised that this happened so fast!
Anyway, if you experience a PageRank drop, fix issues that might be in your pages by following Google’s Quality Guidelines from the “Webmaster Tools” service in Google, and then, submit your website for reconsidertion.