Optimizing Global Translator Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE: Version 0.2 released In the new theme designed for Gibni.com, one of the main goals is to attain maximum speed and shorter page loading times. This post is for people who have the basics of website optimizations. In this post, I’ll discuss a very popular WordPress Plugin, Global Translator, made by www.Nothing2Hide.net, which is […]

TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 3

There are a lot of softwares out there for Symbian platform and they get more and more everyday. I’ve started to test some of the best ones on my own Nokia N95 8GB phone and the ones that qualify, are listed in these series of posts. There’s been 2 parts previously and I should tell […]

3D Tag Cloud For WordPress

I’ve recently installed a new Tag Cloud on Gibni.com, If you look well, you should already have noticed it. It’s a 3D Sphere tag cloud! it’s based on a flash file but the real knowledge behind makes it completely search engine friendly.  This is basically a plugin called WP-CUMULUS made by Roy Tanck. The Plugin […]

Randonnée Etudiante Villers-lès-Nancy

Le Samedi 18 Octobre, j’ai organiser une randonnée pedestre avec la participation du conseil de quartier et le Pôle Actions Jeunesse de Villers-lès-Nancy. Cette randonnée avait pour but de faire connaitre Villers-les-Nancy aux étudiants nouveaux dans le quartier. On est partie a 15h00 de la résidence univérsitaire du Placieux, on a traverser le chateau de […]

International financial crisis, bloggers and website owners. Part 1

As you might have already heard there are some serious stuff going on and everyone in the world started to panic about their financial situation. Well, now the question is that what is really going on and why should you continue to read on? Let me tell you that many HUGE banks around the world […]

Dropcap First Letter, Universal Version

As you can see on Gibni.com, articles’ title have got a drop capped first letter. I’m making this technique available to the public so that you can “Drop cap” any text you wish. You can drop cap in WordPress or on any other platform where you can run PHP functions. I’ll explain on how to […]

NO SUSHI – Nouveau Restaurant à Nancy

Hier soir je suis allé avec mes amis à un nouveau restaurant, ici à Nancy! Dans la rue Gourmande, il y a beaucoup de restaurant, avec des spécialités divers, nous, on a choisi de manger Japonais, des SUSHIS! NO SUSHI, c’est le nouveau restaurant qu’on a choisi. Une ambiance moderne, pas de décorations Japonais, un […]

New Theme Released. Prince Blog Theme v3.0 Advanced (Beta)

Tonight the third version of Prince Blog Theme developped by Amir H. Moradi is going live on Gibni.com This is still in beta and is running tests. The theme is not finished yet and requires minor works to be done. Surveys are getting conducted to know about the issues and advantages. You might be randomly […]