HiveMail – Email Hosting Script

Ever heard of HiveMail? We’ll it’s a program which lets you run your own email server and provide your users with email addresses on your domain. This program uses PHP and MySQL to manage emails. It’s a bit complicated to install, but once you get is installed, it runs smoothly. There’s a pretty complete guide […]

What is Post-On-Demand?

An exciting feature on is the “Post-On-Demand”. When a regular visitor or commentator finds a useful article/discovery/discussion/photo/joke or what ever (s)he finds interesting which is not published somewhere else; (s)he can ask that his/her discovery be published with his/her name mentioned on, and (s)he can even get the article/post ready him/herself with all […]

Post On Demand: "Parthi's fighter against lion" Ancient Engraving on Stone – Birjand, Iran

On Iran’s History – Exclusively On! Dr. Masoud Moradi, University Professor of History, in Iran, a dear visitor of Gibni; recently contacted me and asked for a Post-On-Demand. He got two pictures from a very ancient stone engraving near his birth town, Birjand in Iran. After researches he made, the drawing dates from the […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 2

In the previous tutorial we talk about designing a wordpress template and some point to keep in mind while designing. We talked about a website being User-Friendly, Search Engine Optimized, Fast to load and Monetized. Let’s continue: Multi-Browser, Multi-Platform Compatibility: A well made website is a website that is showing well in different types of […]

Design a WordPress Template – Part 1

I’ve started to redesign and remake Gibni’s theme. As Gibni’s main technology relies on WordPress, MySQL and PHP, so this post might be useful for many bloggers and for almost every theme designer. User Friendly: A lot of readers and visitors complain about Gibni being confusing and they say that they’re “lost”! I agree that […]

Epson Stylus DX8450, My new All-in-One Printer

Epson Stylus DX8450 Today I purchased the All-in-One printer, which does also scanning and copying and has got card reader and an LCD for printing right from a memory card. Easy to Use: The Epson DX8450 is a very beautiful and well design printer. It’s really easy to install and to use. To start using […]