Blog/Website Review Exchange

  I’ve decided to propose free blog / Website reviews till 30 days starting from now. So if you want to get a kickstart for you blog and take a useful step towards success, do not hesitate! Just join the crowd!   Well, we’re gonna set some rules:  On your blog, you write a blog […]

QR Codes, The Begining.

Ever heard about QR Codes? You surely know about the Barcodes, which you see on almost every purchased product. Ever asked yourself about that barcode reader application on your new smartphone? Well, recently there’s been a new invention called QR Code. It’s a square with lots of black nad white points in it! yeah, kinda […]

Windows Delayed Write Failed – Latest Solution

UPDATE: Latest article: Window Delayed Write Failed – Solutions –>  A while back, I wrote a post about the “Windows Delayed Write Failed” error message, and I presented ways to resolve the problem. That worked for many people. Recently, after installing a fresh copy of Windows XP (with SP3), I got the same problem, and […]

Blog Review: The Mom with Brownies

An awesome blog! Few weeks ago, I found this interesting and entertaining blog, The Mom With Brownies. It’s got everything in it! There are so much information on the blog that you never wanna leave the page! I remember the last time I was on this blog, I stood for about 25 minutes reading, watching, […]