Mas Maiz Video – NORE

Here a musicĀ I really like! The music, the song, the video and the rhythm, all go together! I’ve put the lyrics I found on the net too, if you can translate them, please do so in the comments, it would be great to have the english translation too! [stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ embed=false share=true width=580 height=348 […]

Amazon Associates is SLOW! – Website Speed Optimization case.

A while back, I tried to run Associates scripts and advertisements on Gibni. Everything looked nice and working. But the problem was that pages used to load very slow. After a lot of research and studies on how to accelerate the loading speed and make pages load faster, I developed a strategy to implement, […]

Update Your Nokia Phone

You need to read this guide TWICE! (2 times) Once to know what is going on and what is going to happen (The theory part) And The second time to follow the procedure (The practical part) You might need to read this too ( (Optional, Recommended) The translation of this post to French will come […]

How to build a Website / Blog – A successful and perfect One – Part 1

Well, in these tutorials, I’ll explain how you can start your own blog/website, how to analyze it, how to optimize it, how to update it, how to market it, how to make profit out of it and how to make it a successful project! Either you are a student, a university professor, a beginner web […]

Social Bookmarks for WordPress – Optimized!

I recently found about that nice plugin, Social Bookmarks 4.0.65 for wordpress. The plugin is very nice and easy to implement. But the size of the pictures it includes in the pages/posts, it far beyond what it really need, and that causes higher page loading times! there are a total of 51 png files (icons […]