TOP N95 Applications, Symbian S60 Applications – Part 2

Well, so far it’s been more than 2 months I’m using the all new Nokia N95 8GB, and i’ve tested a lot of applications. In the last post on this topic, I introduced 5 applications that I had personally installed and tested. As promised, I’ll post 5 more this time, numbers follow… 6- Salling Clicker This […]

Happy Norouz! Persian Calendar's New Year. Happy New Year to All Iranian

This Post is in two languages: English / French ===ENGLISH=== Today is the Persian calendar’s new year! The year changed at 6:48:19 (GMT+1, Paris Time) I wish a very happy new year to all Iranians around the world and my best wishes for health, happiness and wealth in everyone’s life. Based on the official Iranian […]

Arash (The Persian Singer) Feat. Shaggy – Donya + Lyrics and Translation (*Updated)

Check out the new hit from Arash and Shaggy! I liked it a lot! If you like it, just comment on the post and on YouTube. and pass the post address to all your friends, so they can listen, watch, and understand this new hit! Just got the translation and lyrics in English of the […]

Mozilla Firefox … Shall I install or not?

Firefox with an average of 15% of internet users by January 2008, is the next most used Browser on the internet. You can read complete history and a lot more information on . I personally have been using Firefox and Internet Explorer for years. Well, both of them have disadvantages and inconveniences, but in […]

Google AdSense temporarily unavailable?

WTF?! Google Adsense site is down?! What’s wrong with Google? I can expect servers going down from every company, but not having secondary servers to serve up the required services is a bit shocking from Google, and mostly from it’s money making program! Tonight (Tuesday, March 2008, 02:04 France Time) I tried to access my […]

Download Windows XP SP3 Build 3311.

Now You can Download Windows XP SP3 directly from Microsoft!! That is a standalone service pack 3 update, and is not the whole Windows XP operating system. I personally do not recommend slipstreaming the service pack, because of few version conflicts on ms dll files. So just download and install the Service Pack 3 of […]